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Eternal Andamans is a Government Approved leading DMC, News Aggregator, and travel service provider in Andaman Islands.

Our team has been dealing with the complexity of traveling in the Andaman Islands for quite some time with exceptional service and has never faced a issue that cannot be resolved.

Eternal Andamans leads the B2B travel sector of Andamans for various reasons:

We worked really hard and Researched, Analyzed, Pursued and Partnered up with businesses all over Andaman to make sure we lead the DMC's in the Islands.

"Partnered up with 100's of agents from all over India working only offline and through email. Now we are expanding our reach and base through our recent website launch. We can't wait to work with others who share the same enthusiasm of quality work and swift growth."

- Sandip Sarkar, Founder, Eternal Andamans LLC.

Here are some data driven facts about us:

1. Exceptional Trade Relationship with Hotels:

More than 55% percent of any given package rate in Andaman is due to Hotel Charges.

Take advantage of our relationship with the Hotels in Andaman Islands.

With close B2B trade, we offer upto 50% discount on 70+ preferred partner hotels throughout Andamans.

Reducing the cost to a bare minimum, which can not be found anywhere else, even on the large hotel websites.

A minimum of 25% discount for hotels that are not yet selected by us as preferred partners.

This makes sure that the packages given by us are at a minimum 20% lower price than other DMC's.

2. Self Owned Fleet of Cars and Boats:

More than 36% percent of any given package rate in Andaman is due to Car and Boat charges.

To tackle this and lower the price even further, Eternal Andaman has it's own fleet of cars for ground transportation that covers all destinations in Andaman Islands.

With combination of owned and leased boat, the rates for transportation to different islands is lowered to a rate that is unmatchable.

This reduces the cost upto 20% so you can save more.

Not to forget, the security and trust of our employees who will be there with the guest.

3. Long Relations with Cruises and Water Sports Providers:

On average, 43% people would try a Water Sport if given a discount, which leads to 20% cost increase in average.

With fruitful friendships with local activity providers and dealings with large and organized water sports providers, Eternal Andamans provides the best deals for Activities all over Andaman Islands.

Save upto 40% on total Water Sports pricing with our B2B connections.

Especially at North Bay and Elephant Beach, two of the most popular destination for water sports in Andaman.

Furthermore, Great and long relation with Cruises and ferries in Andaman, helps us get the tickets for inter-island travel without any exceptions, even during tourist season, when the demand is extremely high and tickets are scarce and booked in advanced over 2 months. We can get it done easily with 3 days prior notice.

4. Service Quality:

1) Ground Operations Team:

Get stress free. After the guest reaches Andaman, it's completely our responsibility to provide everything as promised.

Exceptional ground support team in every major island, makes sure the travel is as comfortable as it can get.

In Andaman ferry timings, permits, opening timings etc. keeps changing on short notice due to local factors and scattered locations of islands make the management difficult.

Our experienced ground team with great admin support tackles everything and keep the trip going smoothly.

2) Crisis Management Team:

Sudden trip cancellations, bad weather or tour cancellations are managed by a separate team who are available with the ground team to make sure the trip is replaced with something equal or better.

3) Local Knowledge and Punctuality:

The most common grievance for guests is "late pickups" followed by "unfriendly driver".

We are never late for pickups, drops and anything else so guests can feel joyous and safe all the time.

With experienced locals that know the islands inside out, Eternal Andamans is equipped with the right tools to plan a trip, even to the remotest islands like, Ross & Smith.

* % data is provided by a survey conducted by Eternal Andamans with selected separate batches of 500 confirmed standard tour packages over 36 months.
** Preferred Hotel Partners are chosen by several factors, including location of hotel, room quality vs price, food, discount provided and more.
*** Experience based data was collected with survey forms after the successful completion of the tour.
For any B2B Enquiries please send us a mail on


Call/WhatsApp our B2B Manager, Mr. Sonu Ebrahim at: 8900972986

There's a reason why Travel Agents vouch for us:

Over 50 Agents chose us as their DMC for Andaman Islands, here's what some of them say.
Great service at amazing and fast pace. Thank you Sandeep for the amazing rates.
- Ankit Tiwari Aristocrat Tours & Travels
I was comfortable with the last provider, but gave it a try anyways.
Now I'm glad I tried, it worked out really well.
- S. Reena World Travel Today
Great rates and most of all, the response time is outstanding.
Better than going back and forth with the rates.
- Rahul Gyawali Nepal Connections Tour
Fast, Reliable and Easy to work with is a great combination in itself. The pricing of packages made me stay and support them more.
- Ankur Karmakar Vishwa Tours & Travels
My clients love Andaman and I loved sending them there for great feedback, but it always seemed more expensive.
Not with Sandip and his Team. Great work.
- Satish K Space Link Tours LTD
The pricing was reduced almost 20%. Either my last provider was expensive or Eternal Andamans is something really special. Either way, I do recommend joining them.
- Mayank K Siligurie Tours and Ticketing

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