Andaman Tour Packages from Chennai

Andaman Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
3 Nights Standard Andaman Tour 3 Nights 4 Days Rs. 8,150
4 Nights Standard Andaman Tour 4 Nights 5 Days Rs. 12,150
5 Nights Standard Andaman Tour 5 Nights 6 Days Rs. 14,816
6 Nights Standard Andaman Tour 6 Nights 7 Days Rs. 19,750
7 Nights Standard Andaman Tour 7 Nights 8 Days Rs. 21,450

Taking the perfect vacation to the Andaman Islands is a dream most families see when the summer in Chennai is at its full bloom. The hard sun along with summer winds makes everyone long for some refreshment, what better place there is to visit than an island.

The Andaman Islands are surrounded by sea from all sides with just the right the right cold weather that makes it a perfect summer spot. These tropical islands have its own set of season that doesn’t follow the rhythm of the mainland India.

Because of this, when there is summer in Chennai, the islands are just starting out for monsoon season.

This makes sure the weather is cold, yet still dry before the rainy season and therefore makes the perfect vacation spot to beat the summer heat. A getaway for a week or two before the school starts, especially to a remote place like Andaman is bound to make your summer memorable for years to come.

All Tours listed below comes with:

  • Sightseeing.
  • Cruise Tickets. (Makruzz, Green Ocean and more)
  • Hotels.
  • A/C Cars (Swift Dzire, Ertiga and Similar Vehicles)
  • Flight or Ship Tickets (Inquire for flight inclusions)
  • Airport Pickups and other Transportation.
  • Helper and Coordinator assigned for you.
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Itinerary according to Chennai Flight Timings:

Day- 1 Port Blair

  • Our representative will be there at the Airport waiting for you to arrive.
  • We will take you to your hotel in Port Blair where you can relax for a little bit and get ready for exploration.
  • After lunch, our representative will be waiting outside the hotel to pick you up for sightseeing.
  • We will visit the Cellular Jail where you can explore the history of the islands.
  • After this, we will go for a drive to the Carbyn's Cove beach.
  • Explore the beach, swim or try out the water sports nearby.
  • Near the evening at 6-7 PM, we will visit the Cellular Jail for the light and sound show.
  • Our representative will drive you there, and your tickets and permits will be ready.
  • After the show is complete, we will pick you up from there and take your back to the hotel.
  • Try out some authentic cuisines of Andaman with fresh sea food, and relax for the night.

Day- 2 Havelock Island

  • After the breakfast, Our representative will be waiting at the hotel to pick you up.
  • We will ride the car to the Jetty.
  • All your tickets and permits will be available with you so you can board the ferry to Havelock Island.
  • When you reach Havelock, our representative will be waiting for you.
  • As soon as you board the car, we will go out to exploring the famous Radhanagar Beach.
  • The journey is a bit long, so don't hesitate to make pit stops and take photos.
  • Soon after we have explored the Radhanagar beach, we will leave to the restaurant for lunch.
  • After lunch, we will move for sightseeing at the Kalapathar Beach and spend the evening there.
  • Near the evening, our representative will be ready with the ferry tickets and drive you back to the jetty.
  • You can board the ferry.
  • As soon as you reach the Port Blair, we will pick you up from the jetty and drop you back to the hotel.
  • Have a great dinner, relax and enjoy the time.

Day 3: Ross Island and North Bay Island

  • In the morning we will pick you up from the hotel.
  • We will then visit the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex
  • Here we will board a boat to Ross Island.
  • Explore the Ross Island and the history associated with it.
  • Once the trip is complete, we will board a boat from Ross Island to North Bay.
  • Explore North Bay Island, and try out some water sports.
  • Water Sports Activities like Jet Ski, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Dolphin Ride, Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Semi- Submarine are available here)
  • During the evening we will board a boat and return from the North Bay Island to Water Sports Complex
  • Our driver will be waiting at the jetty to pick you up.
  • We will now move for the city tour of Port Blair with a visit to top Govt. Handicrafts and Tribal Craft shops.
  • Get a souvenir to remember the trip to Andaman.
  • Post this we will take you back to the hotel, so you can relax and unwind.

Day 4: Offbeat Baratang Trip

  • Have breakfast and prepare for a day of adventure, we will leave for Baratang tofay.
  • Our representative will be waiting outside the hotel and the journey will begin.
  • We will go on a road trip between the tropical forests of Andaman.
  • Visit the Limestone caves, we will have all the permits and tickets ready for you.
  • Soon we will visit the Mud Volcano and other small nearby attractions.
  • Enjoy the long drive back to the hotel in the evening.
  • Sit back relax and unwind at the hotel with a great dinner.

Day- 5 : Trip End

  • Our representative will be at the hotel to pick you up.
  • We will drop you back to the hotel so you can go home with sweet memories of Andaman.

How to reach Andaman Islands from Chennai:

Chennai to Andaman on a map.

By Air: To travel without any hassles to Andaman from Chennai, it is advised to take flight as your preferred mode of transportation when booking a tour holiday. The flight leaves from the Chennai Airport and covers a total distance of 1367 kilometers to reach the Veer Savarkar Airport in under 2 hours and 10 minutes, which is a small journey comparatively.

It is advised to book the tickets in 1-2 months advance at-least. With advance booking you can get a ticket in less than Rs. 3500. We also provide booking of airfare without any underlying charges or additional convenience fees to help you save more.

By Ship: You can travel to the islands by ship if you like to save more and have the time. The ship leaves from the Chennai Port and takes around 2-3 days to reach here. The ship halts in Andaman for 4 days and if you plan in the right way, you can travel back home with the same ship.

During your voyage, you will be provided shared rooms, and have to buy food from the cafeteria which costs around Rs. 150 per meal. Please note that ship journey can get a bit tiring and people with sea-sickness will have to endure the journey for 3 days or more which might make you uncomfortable. Flight is what we recommend for your tour, but we will be happy to assist for your ship journey.

Planning a tour to Andaman from Chennai:

Cost of the complete tour:

Andaman tour package cost from Chennai can vary greatly depending on the number of people, and type of transportation requirements. The cost also varies greatly depending on the type of hotel you choose and if the agency can get you a sweet discount by leveraging their relationship with the hotel.

Finally, the type of travel you are looking for will decide the pricing of your package, for example: A package designed for 3 people will cost more per person when compared to a group of 10 people. Sometimes the difference can even be up to 50%, so to save more you can bring your family and friends together on the trip and enjoy a fulfilling vacation together.

Eternal Andamans prides itself to be one of the rarest providers that offers vacation packages to Andaman at the lowest rates. We also offer a best price guarantee with all our tours and will refund the difference money if you find a tour that is cheaper than ours.

Things to consider before you book a package:

  • Make sure to verify if the agency's real or not by checking if they have a physical address.
  • Check for certifications like ASTA and IATA to see if the agency is credible.
  • Make sure to read about Andaman and see which places you want to visit.
  • Check the agent's website to see if you are being scammed with wrong images of Andaman.
  • It saves you more time to contact the agency directly instead of checking all the packages.
  • Make sure you have checked the images of hotels you’ll be staying in.
  • Check to see if the hotel you are staying in has a restaurant, so it’s easy to get food.

How to choose the right tour operator in Chennai for Andaman Trip?

Selecting the right tour operator is a must for your vacation because it defines the price of the tour and the safety of your family. We recommend selecting one that is located in the Andaman Islands so they can provide instant support and better prices. Getting one from an agent in Chennai might cost more, and you will be traveling with the local tour operators, no matter where you book the package from, as they are the ones that will be present in Andaman.

We are one such operator, who is registered with the Govt. of India and Andaman Administration and have a lot of experience managing tours with the lowest rates you can find anywhere else. As one of our specialties, we also provide tour guides and coordinators who are fluent in Tamil, Hindi and English, so you can communicate with ease.

A usual package, if taken from the correct tour operator will include:

  • Private A/C Vehicles.
  • Complete pickups and drops from all places
  • Permissions from Govt and Forest Departments
  • Cruise and Boat Tickets
  • Bikes on Rent
  • Discounted Hotels
  • Complete Support and Guide
  • Perfectly planned trips
  • Maximum sightseeing without unnecessary travel
  • Free water sports in several islands
  • Constant care by a support team
  • Trips under your personal budget
  • Cost control; no worries about extra cost
  • A local team that knows about the islands

Tours to Andaman from Chennai with Airfare:

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More Tours to Andaman Islands:

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These tours are planned by our travel experts to ensure you can visit a lot of places in Andaman in under your trip plan dates. All tours are designed in such a way that you can visit all the destinations in every specific island listed, in under your budget.

For planning a trip to Andaman from Chennai, Madurai and other nearby cities, we will have everything planned for you as you need, and our representative will be there at the airport to assist you and help you with the initiation of the trip.

So all you have to do is: Book a ticket and come to Andaman or maybe we can include that in the package too.

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I would have given 10 stars out of 5 👍 a great man , lovely team work 👌  Would recommend everyone to at least try once and experience the best services given by this company.

I have never seen in my life that a tour operator calls you every evening during your tour and take the feedback of each and every place covered in his itinerary. Not at all a money minded company 👌
Will visit again soon with relatives n definitely recommend all my near n dear ones to take the tour services by this company.
Next time I believe you guys will again meet my expectations 😊.
  by Anupama saxena on Google
I booked a tour package for Andamans for 3 people. Our tour operator was  of Eternal Andamans. We booked a 4 day Luxury package covering Port Blair, Havelock and Neil island. On every point it has not only met with our expectations but also exceeded it.
Cost : Reasonable cost without compromising on Quality at all.

Transport : A spacious car for just the 3 of us was arranged by the tour operator. Xylo XUV, Ford Figo were deployed solely for our transpiration.

It felt really nice! Cruise tickets (hefty fees) were covered under the package.
Accomodation : Eternal Andamans provided best in class luxurious hotels.
  by Varun Negi on Google
I have traveled Andaman with family in Sep 2019. Eternal Andaman is a wonderful tour operator with friendly people, they take limited tourists in a week. We made a customized package with the information we gathered online, made sure every hour is well spent in Andaman, all thanks to Sandip and his team.

Surprisingly I got some money returned from Eternal Andaman guys as they couldn't get promised cruise tickets mentioned in the quotation (I got different cruise which is also good).

I have traveled earlier also but never seen any operator returning money due to booking different hotel/transport than promised one, this is rare. Overall we had a memorable trip :) :)
  by Hari Rama Krishna on Google
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