About Us:

Eternal Andamans is registered Tour Operator and DMC in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Approved by the Andaman Administration.

Located in Port Blair, we strive to deliver tours and activities in the islands with a touch of personal support and dedication.

With extensive experience managing tours, our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and plan a your perfect vacation by keeping everything balanced. Each team member is vetted carefully from different parts of Andaman Islands to ensure they have proper knowledge of all the destinations and are able to help at all locations in a snap.

To ensure safety and convenience for you, a team member is always available within reach during your travel within the islands. So far the team has done an impeccable job serving our guests and we hope to Continue the same in the future.

We Still Believe in Hospitality.

About the Owner:

Eternal Andamans is run, managed, and written by Sandip Sarkar.

With over 7+ years working in hospitality and tour management, Sandip Sarkar has a deep knowledge about the islands which helps him plan and manage tours perfectly without any exceptions. With good standing with local service providers and a lot of experience managing tours, Sandip tries to deliver what has been long forgotten by others, "Hospitality".

Few Words from Sandip:

I saw a real shortage of useful information about the islands, that actually helps travelers plan a tour or learn more about the islands.

I started www.eternalandamans.com as a way to share the real insights of the islands and traveling here. What you see in large website and blogs are just some aspect of traveling here, and the variations in information used to make traveling in Andamans a hassle for everyone.

Moreover, the way that Andaman Islands are portrayed among the websites currently is very different from actual islands, here's and example:

These are some of the images people see for Andaman Islands, which are not exactly Andaman:

Fake Andaman Islands

If you have seen these images on website who are selling tours to Andaman, you are being advertised wrongly. These are not Andaman Islands and they were never taken in Andaman. These photos are actually from various destinations like Indonesia, Malaysia and more.

What me and my team strive most to provide, is to regulate and remove false information like these from the websites and show the real Andaman to the people who are planning a tour here.

For an example, here's what Andaman actually looks like:

Real images of Andaman Islands

Eternal Andamans is a non-exhaustive collection of information about traveling in Andaman and Nicobar Islands from the perceptive of locals, that makes sure the ideas and information is always true to its fullest extent.

Eternal Andamans Awards and Certifications:

Eternal Andamans is a member of: Andaman Association of Tour Operators (AATO) and is registered as a tour operator and travel service provider in Andaman Islands, approved by the Andaman Administration.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 8900971661 (Sandip Sarkar)

Office Number: 03192-235674

Office Address: Opp. Mini Zoo, Third Floor,Haddo, Port Blair, A & N Islands, 744102

Email: eternalandamans@gmail.com