Port Blair

The hub of all destinations

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman, Housing the only commercial airport in the Andaman Islands it is well connected by both sea and air.

It resembles the tale of any other city in India. Hotels, restaurants, resorts and shops adorn its streets.​Apart from that, it also has a lot of history associated with it, but not just any, it’s the history of our fight for freedom.​

Named Kaalapani it was were largely used by the British for deporting political prisoners from India.And now it happens to be the most prominent tourist destination in the Islands, and the hub of all tourist activities happening around the Isles.​

The best places to visit in Port Blair:

Among several other attractions, some of the best places you must visit during your trip are:

  1. Cellular Jail
  2. Corbyn's Cove Beach
  3. Wandoor Beach
  4. Chidiyatapu and Mundapahar Beach
  5. Chatham Saw Mill

1. Cellular Jail

Front of Cellular Jail, Port Blair

Famous for:

  • Freedom Fighter Memorial
  • Light and Sound Show

Things to do

  • Discover the History
  • Light & Sound Show
  • Visit the Gallery
  • Pay Tribute to the Freedom Fighters

Cellular Jail is a national memorial of great historical significance for India and is thronged by tourists and historians alike.

It was completed in the year 1906 and was constructed to serve as a secluded prison from where escape would be nearly impossible.

​It's famous for its stronghold type architecture, original photo gallery, light & sound show, and a museum which displays aspects linked to former inmates of Cellular Jail and about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands before the freedom of India.

​The light and sound show is displayed after sunset and is conducted in both English and Hindi where you can sit near the peepal tree and learn more about the hardships and struggles our brave fighters went through for our freedom.

2. Corbyn's Cove Beach

A view of the Carbyns Cove Beach, Port Blair

Famous for:

  • Clean Beach
  • Adventure Sports

Things to do:

  • Go for a Swim
  • Take a Walk on the Shore
  • Indulge in Water Sports

One of the cleanest beaches in the Andaman, the Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a resounding place to relax and feel at ease and it will be the first beach that you’ll visit in the Isles.

Standing on the beach and looking at the crystal clear waters is a spectacular experience, and the water here is also perfect to go for a swim.

The Corbyn’s Cove beach is also growing as a great place for various activities including speed boat rides, Jet Skis, and Scuba diving under the all-natural and alive corals near the Snake Island.

Available water activities at the beach:

  • Jet Skis
  • Scuba Diving
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Parasailing

During your Corbyn's cove Visit, take first call on the left side seat of the vehicle, because the view of open sea is beautiful.

Read more about the Corbyn's Cove Beach, here.

3. Wandoor Beach:

Wandoor Beach, Port Blair, Andaman Islands

Famous for:

  • Calm Waters
  • Serene Nature
  • Long Stretched Beach

Things to do:

  • Swim and Play in the Water
  • Enjoy a Calm Walk
  • Snacks and  Coconuts

Wandoor Beach is located about 30 Km’s from the Airport and possesses beautifully blue and pristine clear beaches.

The mystical and calm beaches of Wandoor are a break from the urban and commercialized areas of Andaman Islands.

Long stretches of beach along the blue watered shoreline offers astounding scenery to go for a long walk, slow down and just immerse yourself in the experience.

Wandoor beach is the place where most of the people get dressed in their swim wear and enjoy a long hours of playing and swimming in the water. Once you are out of the water, you can enjoy some beachside snacks of your choice in the long groups of more than 15 shops located near the beach.

4. Chidiyatapu & Mundapahar Beach

Mundapahar beach at chidiyatapu, Port Blair

Famous for:

  • Sunset View
  • Mundapahar Beach
  • Wildlife Zoo

Things to do:

  • Enjoy a Swim
  • Watch the Sunset
  • Sit in the Beachside Huts with Snacks

Located 20 Kms from Port Blair Chidiyatapu is another tourist attraction in the Andaman Nicobar group of Islands.

'Chidiya' is a Hindi word which means 'birds.' As the name suggests, the place is famous for the variety of bird species found here.

There is a beach nearby called the Mundapahar Beach, which is well maintained by the forest authority, where you can enjoy sitting near the beach on natural wooden benches or enjoy some snacks with the family inside the beachside Open Huts.

Above other things, the place is most famous for its breathtaking view of the sunset, and therefore is usually visited at the end of the day.

5. Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill Gallery, Port Blair

Famous for:

  • History
  • Mill and Museum

Things to do:

  • View the Manufacturing Process
  • Visit the Forest Museum
  • Buy Handicrafts

Chatham Saw Mill was constructed by the British at Port Blair in 1883 and mill was the primary source of timber for Andaman and the British Empire in India.

The mill still functions to this day, after all these years. The precision in functioning, best in class technology from that time and a museum around the mill makes it a great destination.

The museum at the mill houses a collection of unique wood based carvings that would amaze you.

How to reach Port Blair

Reaching Port Blair means reaching the Andamans and there are 2 ways to reach here.

  1. Flight
  2. Ship


It is the best way to reach the Islands, and it only takes around 2 hours from Chennai and Kolkata.

All the tourists visiting the Islands prefer flight as it is more convenient and hassle free.

Try contacting your local ticket supplier for booking,

If you are booking a package from us, you will also have the option to let us book the tickets at an affordable price.

Passenger Ship:

Coming here in a ship can be affordable but it takes more than 3 days to reach Andaman from Vishakapatnam and Kolkata.

Before booking, one must also consider several factors including, Sea Sickness, Weather, Food, and Clean Cabins.

Overall we don't recommend coming here on a ship because it won't be near as pleasant as a cruise.

To learn more about the ways you can reach Andaman, read how to reach Andaman Islands.

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