Kayaking in Andaman Islands

5 Best Places to do Kayaking in Andaman with Pricing.

The Andaman Islands have been famous for its picturesque shorelines and unmatched greenery. What better way to experience this than Kayaking through the middle of everything, indulging in the experience firsthand?

The narrow path through the lagoons, shaded by dense forests and mangroves along with the birds of birds and animals makes this experience both relaxing and exhilarating.

Kayaking in Andaman Islands
Kayaking in Andaman Islands

Enjoy the up-close wonders of unexplored waters from cyan-colored crystal-clear lagoons to the wild green waters of dense mangrove forests, any kind of kayaking experience you have in mind can be enjoyed here.

Among the top places to experience it is Havelock‌ Island, closely followed by Port Blair and Neil Island. With the availability of night kayak trips and Biolumeniscence kayaking, you are sure to be exhilarated by choices.

Eternal Andamans provides bookings and services for Kayaking in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, explore them below.


Best places for Kayaking in Andaman:

Due to the number of available spots in Andaman, there are a lot of places that are fit for Kayaking. But to experience it you’ll have to find places where it's permitted to Kayak. Below are the 4 places where the best Kayaking experiences are available in the Andaman Islands:


Kayaking in Havelock:

Havelock Island is simply the best place to kayak in the Andaman Islands, thanks to the wild forests and deep lagoons that adorn it. There are more than a few mangrove forests scattered throughout the Havelock‌ Island, but Kayaking is available only at Beach no.5. You can also opt to kayak through the sea, which is yet another decent experience to have here.

Here are the best Kayaking experiences Havelock has to offer:

Mangrove Kayaking Tour in Havelock:
Mangrove Kayaking in Havelock
Mangrove Kayaking in Havelock

Mangroves forests in Havelock‌ Island are among the densest you can find in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The shade of these forests and the lagoons flowing through them is one of the best places to kayak. The stream is mostly steady with sudden jumps of small currents and mild turnings. As you explore further you can feel the shade surrounding you from all sides and opening into a wide view of the sea after a while. An experience to look forward to.

A usual kayak trip through mangroves is done under the assistance of an instructor, in a group of 6 or less.

Night Kayaking with Tanaz:
Night Kayaking in Havelock Island
Night Kayaking in Havelock Island

Night Kayaking is one of the best ways to add a bit of spice to your whole kayak trip. The experience takes place near the same mangrove brooks as the former one, but instead of focusing more on the surrounding, you get to explore what’s beneath the waters. Night kayak shows you the spooky side of the mangroves with decent lighting and lets you explore the wilderness from a different view. The whole pathway is lit-up with lights that spread across the muddy waters and present wonderful scenery all around you. Moreover, the lagoon water currents are even wildered at night, making the whole experience exhilarating.

Tanaz, the instructor, or her experienced staff are always with you throughout the journey for maximum safety and guidance.


Bioluminescence Night Kayaking in Havelock:
Bioluminescence Night Kayaking in Havelock
Bioluminescence Night Kayaking in Havelock

Bioluminescence is one of the most stunning wonders of the world. The blue-tinted glow underwater is the cause of specific phytoplankton, that moves inside the water, and glows at night. There are specific points in Andaman where they are visible and Havelock‌ Island’s mangrove forest is one of the best places to see it.

The experience begins near the shoreline during sunset, where you are given all the necessary instructions and soon you will head out to the sea. All lightings are turned off soon, and the glow inside the water will be visible due to bioluminescence, as you paddle through the lagoon and the ocean. The whole trip lasts for about 3 hours, after which the planktons stop glowing.

The glow of bioluminescence depends on the moon’s phase and departure time for this Kayaking trip is based on the specific sunset time of the day.


Kayaking in Port Blair:

Port Blair is yet another great place to kayak in Andaman. The activity was launched recently in 2019, by a group of explorers, who are very enthusiastic about this sport. Kayaking at Port Blair takes place far from the city at the “Veer Savarkar Park” which is protected wildlife park, with an abundance of calm waters along with mangroves and small islets.

The view from the place itself is quite mesmerizing, so is the journey to it. The kayak takes place in the park, where you are accompanied by experienced trainers and given all the necessary training and equipment. As soon as the activity begins, you are taken from the covered mangrove canopy of the jungle through the narrow lagoon, to an open area, full of wilderness, complemented by small islets.

Bioluminescence Glow at Night in Port Blair
Bioluminescence Glow at Night in Port Blair

The Bioluminiscence Kayaking tours are also available here with a decent amount of glowing planktons that make the experience wonderful. Overall, a great experience to have.


Kayaking in Baratang:

Baratang is famous for its unexplored jungles and dense mangrove canopies.‌ Kayaking at Baratang is an experience to be had in itself. These uprooted dense jungles run along for several hundred meters before opening into the wide-open sea. Moreover, Kayaking at Baratang can be called exclusive, because you will need permits to travel to the place and even need one to explore the area on a kayak. This increases the cost of the tour substantially so most people don’t take much interest in it.


Kayaking in Neil Island:

Kayaking in Neil Island
Kayaking in Neil Island

Neil island does have more than a few places to kayak, but there are no active kayaking providers on the island as of April 2020. Moreover, the seas surrounding the whole island are more on the rough side. Another thing to consider is that the absence of kayak rentals on the island makes it so that you will have to travel with your own kayak there, which can get a bit expensive. This along with the fact that additional permissions are required to kayak here, most tourists ignore Neil as a kayaking destination.


Kayaking at Ross Island:

Kayaking trips from the water sports complex to Ross Island were famous for years, but in light of recent closure of most of the water sports at the complex, Kayaking was discontinued here as of 2020. Due to the abundance of fishing boats and ferries near the area, it is not allowed to kayak on your own here. We will be sure to update this page if it opens again.


Best time to Kayak in Andaman:

The best time for a Kayaking trip in Andaman is from October to May. The weather is clear during these months and the water currents are medium, making it perfect for the activity,

You should also avoid Kayaking during the monsoon season as heavy rain can fill the kayak easily and the water currents are beyond control during this time. The flow of water remains unstable up to 2 days of heavy rainfall so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.



  • Make sure to hire an instructor for the whole trip, for maximum safety.
  • Most areas in Andaman are protected by the Forest Department, so clear all the permits before leaving for a kayak trip.
  • Always wear life jackets during the whole trip.
  • Make sure to keep close to the group, especially during the night Kayak, to make sure you are not left behind.
  • The water surfaces in mangrove forests are muddy, so try not to get off the Kayak during the trip.
  • Kayaking in the islands is more geared towards serenity and relaxation than energetic exhilaration.
  • Keep all your mobiles and wallets at the center before you begin the kayak trip.
  • If planning on taking your mobile with you, make sure to protect it with a waterproof cover.

Cost of Kayaking in Andaman:

The cost of kayaking in the islands varies slightly from place to place and offers different types of experiences as described above. Follow the table below to get the accurate pricing:

Place Type Duration Price
Havelock Island Day 2 H ₹ 3,499/-
Havelock Island Night 2 H ₹ 3,699/-
Havelock Island Bioluminiscence 1 H ₹ 3,799/-
Port Blair Day 2 H ₹ 3,499/-
Port Blair Night 2 H ₹ 3,699/-
Port Blair Bioluminiscence 1 H ₹ 3,799/-
Neil Island Day 2 H ₹ 3,499/-
Baratang Day 1 H ₹ 3,499/-


Is Kayaking in Andaman safe?
Yes, the instructor takes you through the water that are known to be safe. Moreover they always accompany you, so you don’t have to face any hassles during the trip.


Which is the best kayaking place in Andaman?
Havelock island is the best place for kayaking in the Andaman Islands becuae it has the most beautiful lagoons and a lot of vendors that provide competitive pricing . This was you can both enjoy the whole experience and save more.


Are Kayaks available for rent in the islands?
They are available for hire along with the guide. Kayaks are not available for rent as a standalone equipment in the islands. This is because it can get dangerous to venture into the sea without supervision.


Do Kayak faciliities have any B&B or resort facility?
There are a few shops in Havelock Island that provide this facility, but these hotels are mediocre at best, so its advised to book your stay separately.

Can I opt for Kayaking as a part of my tour package?
Yes, you can prebook kayaking in Havelock and Port Blair as a part of your tour package. All you have to do is let us know before you book a tour and we will add all the necessary inclusions. This will include everythig from transport to and from hotel, along with complete kayaking trip.


Can kids opt for kayaking in the islands?
Children above 13 years of age are allowed to kayak in the islands. Kids below 13 are restricted for the activity and hav to wait at the shop till their guardians return form the trip.


Is Kayaking good for couples on a Honeymoon?
Yes, definitely. For honeymooners, we recomment bioluminiscence night kayaking at Havelock Island, as it is both exhilrating and romantic.


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