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There are lot of water sports in Andaman which you can enjoy, but there are only a few that let's you do it with your family and friends together, Banana Ride is one of them.

The ride is designed in such a way that it can accommodate up-to 6 people at a time, so you can share the fun an joy with fellow travelers.

Rated among the top casual water sports in Andaman, Banana Ride is an inflatable 'banana boat', with holders and an inflated foot padding on the side that lets you sit on it with proper balance.

People doing banana ride in Andaman
Banana Ride

The float is then connected to the speed boat securely with a rope and dragged along the water with high momentum, which lets you ride the waves.

Hang tight on the ride and experience the splash and sudden jumps in air due to waves created by the boat and sea, throughout the ride.

The speedboat momentarily takes sharp turns with careful maneuver from the driver, which flips the ride sideways and upside down where you can either hang-tight r dive into the sea for extra fun and thrill.

Expect a lot of laughter, thrill and refreshment as you experience this activity with your family.

All places for Banana Ride in Andaman:

This ride is available on three places in Andaman and Nicobar:

  • North Bay Island -Near Port Blair
  • Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex - Port Blair
  • Elephant Beach - Haevelock Island

1. North Bay Island:

North Bay is a haven for casual water sports and is the perfect place to experience banana ride in Port Blair.

The average size of the waves in the beach combined with push of water from the speed boat, takes you above the sea to the air and back with a splash.

People enjoying banana ride

North bay can be reached only via a boat which has to be boarded from the jetty near the complex.

The ride takes you to explore the nearby open sea in North Bay in under 500 meters range.

Overall, a great place to experience the ride.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex - Port Blair

The Water Sports Complex is the second-best place to experience the ride in Port Blair.

Although, the waves here are a bit slow so the splashes are less, the clear sea allows the boat to gain more speed and therefore delivers a unique experience full of adrenaline rush and thrill.

People falling during banana ride

The best part about this is that, most of the travelers do visit this location after the visit to the Cellular Jail, as it comes among the top attractions in Port Blair, and so saves you a lot of time and extra travel, by doing this activity here.

Moreover, the ride is done near the jetty so it the spectators take photos or video of the complete experience so you can share it with others later on.

Overall, a great experience to have.

3. Elephant Beach - Havelock Island

Elephant Beach - the water sport capital of Andaman, has one of the best experiences to give on your Banana Ride.

The waters here are crystal clear yet fierce, with large waves and sudden jumps. This makes the complete experience even more adventurous and wholesome.

people doing banana ride

Expect a lot of turns and jumps during the venture, and most of all - lots of sudden dives into the sea.

Note: The Elephant Beach can only be reached by a boat from the complex jetty, so make sure to add Rs.1050 to the total cost per person for boat charges, if you'd like to experience the sport here.

Trip Overview:

The trip starts from the shore where you will have a small orientation by the guide about do’s and don’ts during the adventure.

banana ride in andaman

After that, life jackets and other necessary instructions are given by the team, including help putting on the jacket.

You will then be asked to board the “banana” in line, which will be connected to the speed boat with a secure rope. The boat drags the ‘banana’slowly to the deeper seas and the activity begins.


The complete activity duration is 20 minutes. The total time from instructions to completion takes around 30 minutes.


  • North Bay Island: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Water Sports Complex: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Elephant Beach: 9 AM to 5 PM

Things you need to know:

  • Life-Jackets are provided for both adults and children.
  • No swimming skills are required for this activity.
  • Age limit is above 15 and below 60.
  • You will be accompanied with a trained instructor.
  • In case of trip cancellation due to bad weather, full refund is provided.
  • For North Bay, you'll have to take a boat from Water Sports Complex which costs Rs. 750.
  • For Elephant Beach, additional boat charges (up-to Rs. 1050) is added.


All instructors are trained and experienced in conducting this activity and follow safety protocols strictly. Children are seated near the instructor for quick help. Moreover, life jackets are provided by the vendor and local lifeguards and speed boats are always present in case of an emergency. This makes this activity completely risk-free and safe.


The pricing for Banana Ride varies slightly from place to place. Follow the table below to find the accurate pricing.

Available From: 9 AM

Available Till: 3 PM

Availability: Everyday

Location Duration Place Pricing
Port Blair 20 Min Water Sports Complex ₹ 345/-
North Bay 20 Min North Bay Beach ₹ 345/-
Havelock Island 20 Min Elephant Beach ₹ 650/-


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