Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Location: Port Blair, Andaman Islands.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, commonly known as just "Water Sports Complex" is one of the most easily accessible tourist attraction in Port Blair, loved by both tourists and locals alike. Yes, locals love this place too.

Similar to most of the attractions in Andaman the complex now serves a memorial for the battle between the Andamanese and the British in 1859, popularly known as the Battle of Aberdeen.

Spanning around an area of 2 Kms, this complex was built as a park for walking and relaxation and can be easily reached by taking the stairs down from the Cellular Jail.

Walking path inside the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex
Statue of subhash chandra bose at the water sports complex

‍The whole complex consists of long walking area, directly above the sea that connects the front gate to the jetty on one side that is used to take boat to North Bay and Ross Island and the Marina Park on the other, which has now become a complete part of the complex.

As the name suggests the complex was build as a center for water sports in the islands and offers a wide variety of water adventures mainly focused towards families.

The best thing about the area is that the scenery from the complex is wonderful and has a lot of benches and chairs where you can relax and take a break from the day. The open sea area brings a lot of fresh air breeze that refreshes your mind and body.

Aerial View of the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Port Blair

People who love taking walks can take a right from the complex to reach the sea side park, filled with trees, benches and a play area, and spend some quality time with their family. You can also find a cafeteria at the middle of the park, where you can enjoy snacks and drinks.

The deep blue waters allows for some great candid photographs, hard to find anywhere else in Andaman.

Overall a decent place to visit. We recommend coming here after 4 P.M, because the ambiance is great and the breeze is energetic.

Available activities at the Water Sports Complex:

The are a lot of places for adventure sports in Andaman, but the water sports complex features a list of activities that you can't find anywhere else in the isles.

 Guided Jet Seeing at the Water Sports Complex
Guided Jet Skiing at the Water Sports Complex

Although, you can't do scuba, sea-walk or snorkeling here, tickets to the North Bay Island can be easily purchased, where you can find every activity.

No worries, as I said earlier, the complex is best suited for families and has activities better suited for them.

Here's the list of activities you can do here:

  • Jet Ski Ride
  • Banana Ride
  • Parasailing
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boats
  • Row Boats

Entry Fees and Water Sport charges:

There is no entry fees to enter and explore the complex, you only need to pay if you are going for any activity.


Morning 5:30 AM, to 9:00 PM at night, after this the park closes and everyone is requested to come tomorrow.

Prices for Water Sports:

For the activities the pricing and rates are given below:

Service Destination No Of People Providers
Jet Ski Ride Ski - -
Parasailing Ride 800/- Per 8 Persons +919474207541
Banana Ride Wandoor Beach to Jolly Buoy 300/- Per Person +919474207541
Kayaking At Jolly Buoy 500/- Per Person +919474207541
Paddle Boats Hotel to Jolly Buoy with activity 900/- Per Person +919474207541
Row Boats At Jolly Buoy 600/- Per Person +919474207541
Boat to North Bay Hotel to Jolly Buoy with activity 1100/- Per Person +919474207541

How to reach the Water Sports Complex

The Ross island is located very close to Port Blair, infact, the whole is perfectly visible from the Water Sports Complex and is a completely disconnected by land so it's not possible to reach there by road.

The island can only be reached by taking a boat or ferry from the Water Sports Complex which will take you directly to the jetty in less than 15 minutes.

One has to book a boat in advance to ensure seamless travel as the tickets sell out really fast. The tickets can be easily obtained by visiting the Directorate of Shipping Services office, located at Aberdeen Bazaar.

Make sure to get a returning ticket as well because there is no place to stay in the island.

Don't forget to take your identity proof and passport in case you aren't an Indian citizen.