Parasailing in Andaman Islands

Things you need to know

Parasailing lets you experience the scenic beauty of the Andamans, from the Sky. Surfing with the wind through the sea with your bare legs and taking small dips in the sea with every wind thrust just refreshes your day.

​One long pull from the boat and you will soar high on the sky in a second and can witness one of the best views that Andaman has to offer.

​Flying free above all else and gazing at the all green and blue shades of the islands is an experience that is second to none and the memories from them will, without a doubt, last a lifetime.

​Eternal Andaman recommends paragliding if you'd like to witness something different during your stay here.

How it Works?

  • You will be given a 10 minute oral training about the best practices to follow during your adventure.
  • The paragliding chute will be secured around your waist and chest, and will be connected and locked to the pulling apparatus on the boat.
  • Next, we will take you to the open sea, pretty close to the Carbyn's Cove Beach, where your awesome venture will begin.

Parasailing Prices in Andaman:

Parasailing is primarily available in 3 location with small variations in pricing.

Check out the table below to get the perfect idea about how it's priced:

Parasailing Trip Type Location of Parasailing Pricing
Havelock Island Boat Trip Elephant Beach ₹ 3,480/-
North Bay Island Boat Trip North Bay Beach ₹ 2,980/-
Port Blair Boat Trip Carbyn's Cove Beach ₹ 2,995/-
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Best places for Water Sports in Andaman:

  1. 1.
    Elephant Beach, Havelock Island, AndamansElephant Beach

    Location: Havelock Island

    Available Activities:
    Scuba, Sea Walk, Snorkeling, Speed Boats, Glass Bottom Boat.

  2. 2.
    Far View of North Bay, Near Wandoor Beach, Port BlairNorth Bay Island

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    Scuba, Sea Walk, Snorkeling, Speed Boats, Semi Submarine, Dolphin.

  3. 3.
    Aerial View of Jolly Buoy, Port BlairJolly Buoy

    Location: Near Port Blair

    Available Activities:
    Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat, Semi Submarine, Dolphin.

  4. 4.
    Carbyns Cove Beach, Port BlairCarbyn's Cove Beach

    Located in: Port Blair

    Available Activities:
    Scuba, Snorkeling, Speed Boats, Jet Skis.