Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages

First of all, congratulations on your wedding and choosing the Andaman Islands as your honeymoon destination.

Andamans are beautiful, vibrant and romantic so you will love the experience here. We take special care of our honeymoon guests. We know how important this trip is to you and our team makes sure to reflect the experience you have planned for your other significant half.

Couples on a Honeymoon in Andaman

All Andaman Honeymoon Tour packages on Eternal Andamans comes with special inclusions, that contains everything from Candle lit dinner on private beaches, decorated beds, gifts, and memoirs, cakes, bouquet.Moreover, all tours include, cruise for inter-island travel, beach-side resorts in Havelock Island, trips to the most romantic places in Andaman and only verified hotels in other islands that provide a great experience for travelers on their honeymoon.

What is Eternal Andamans?

We are an enthusiastic team of travel professionals, born and raised in Andaman, who adore the islands and respect its beauty. We are trying to change the overpriced and unfair travel to the islands to increase its exposure.

WE ARE APPROVED BY THE ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ADMINISTRATION and know the islands like the back of our hand. With great relationships with hotels and cruises, you can always be sure that any honeymoon ideas that you have for Andamans can be bought alive by our team.

Here is out selection of best Honeymoon tour Packages to Andaman:

Although all tours are designed to be great for both family and honeymooners, you can select the package based on the destinations , and we will change the hotels and add additional activities to the trip on request.


How to Plan a Honeymoon Trip to Andaman:

Before you begin your vacation, you’ll need to identify a few things that will define your experience, including:

  • Length of Stay
  • Type of Experience
  • Additional Activities

Length of Stay:

The most ideal trip length for a honeymoon trip to Andaman is 4 Nights and 5 Days, this is because it is enough to cover the most beautiful places in the islands, without feeling rushed.

Within this, you will be able to cover Port Blair, Havelock ,and Neil Island, which are all pretty romantic.

You can opt to stay at the Havelock island for two days if you’d like to explore the tropical beauty. Maybe a bike rental on the island is something that you’ll love.

Hotel at Havelock Island

If you’d rather stay at hotels, Neil Island would be a perfect choice because it is quiet and has the most amazing hotels when compared to any other island in Andaman. The quietness and private beaches in Neil is great, however, it is a really small island and you will be able to cover all the destinations in a single day.

Type of experience you’d like:

Over the years we have seen that couples on their honeymoon prefer to explore beautiful and serene places rather than exploring the city and museums.

There are a lot of quiet beaches in Andaman but you won’t be able to find them in Port Blair. If you prefer city tours and museums, you can stay here for a few days.

There are offbeat trips to Baratang, but we prefer to take our guests to explore the Hut Bay instead as it is more beautiful and has less touristy places.

Top Destinations for honeymooners in Andaman and why:

The 3 best destinations for honeymooners in Andaman:

1.     Havelock Island

2.     Neil Island

3.     Port Blair

Havelock Island:

Havelock is the most celebrated island in Andaman and is perfect for a honeymoon, because of its beautiful beaches and tropical surroundings.

Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island
Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island

As discussed earlier, you can opt to stay in Havelock Island at a beachside resort for 2 days, which we are sure is worth it. You can cover all destinations here in a day and the second one can be used to lay back and relax or perhaps have a beach side candle-lit dinner.

Choosing this island is a must for every tour.

Neil Island:

Neil is great for couples because it is quiet and serene.There are a lot of amazing hotels and resorts in Neil Island, where you can have the staying experience of a lifetime.

Lakshmanpur Beach in Neil Island
Lakshmanpur Beach in Neil Island

The attractions here can be easily covered in half a day as the island is really small. The rest of the day can be used either to lay back and relax or maybe try a water sport.

Port Blair:

Port Blair is great for newlywed couples because it has some of the most famous destinations and since it houses the only airport in Andaman, so you will be touring here on every trip.

Although Port Blair has great destinations like Corbyn’s Cove beach and Cellular Jail, the main attractions can be additional activities like-a romantic dinner on Bella Bay.

Sunset at Chidiyatapu, Port Blair
Sunset at Chidiyatapu, Port Blair

You can also consider visiting Chidiyatapu at the end of the day as it has one of the finest sunset views you can have in Andaman.

Other destinations that are good enough for couples:

  1. North Bay
  2. Ross Island
  3. Baratang
  4. Jolly Buoy

While North Bay and Ross Island come later on the list, they are perfect for a combined water sport and history trip as both the islands can be visited in 1 day.

The North Bay has a wide variety of water sports that couples can enjoy while the Ross island is natural and beautiful.

Deer at a sanctuary in Ross Island
Deer at Ross Island

The tropical surroundings with old ruins and the deer sanctuary, makes a trip to Ross island- a better than a decent experience for you.

Jolly Buoy and Baratang can be stated as offbeat destinations and there are no hotels there, so at the end of the day, you will have to return back to Port Blair which can get a bit tiring, but if you love such trips, you can add them to your tour as these places are beautiful.

Top hotels for newly married couples:

Choosing the perfect hotel for your honeymoon trip is a must because it can make or break your first vacation together. With the right hotels you can enjoy your travel and relax at night with the perfect dinner.

Port Blair:

  • Hotel SR Castle

Havelock Island:

  • Barefoot

Neil Island:

  • Summer Sands Beach Resort

Best additions to make your honeymoon wonderful:

There are a lot of interesting activities you can do in Andaman besides sightseeing, especially for honeymooners. Here are some of the additions you can do to your trip to make it more memorable.

  • Bella Bay- Dinner on Cruise
  • Candle Lit Dinner
  • Flower Bed Decoration
  • Couple Beach-side Photography

Bella Bay:

Bella Bay takes you around the islands near Port Blair on a food-based journey, covering North Bay, Chatham, Dandus Point, Ross Island and more.

Dining hall in Bella Bay, Port Blair
Dining hall in Bella Bay, Port Blair

You can enjoy the tropical breeze of the open sea and enjoy delicious tropical dishes with your loved one. It also has an open bar and a deck for better experience.

Candle-Lit Dinner:

Candle-Lit dinner is available at Havelock Island and is done near the beach at night.

Wine and Dine at Seashell, Andaman
Wine and Dine at Seashell Resort

The tables are set at a fair distance from each other and you will be served rounds of delicious dishes including signature ones from the chef. If you haven’t tried this before, you should add it to your honeymoon trip.

Flower Bed Decoration:

These are available on request and is provided by the hotel in collaboration with Eternal Andamans.

Flower Bed Decoration in SR Castle
Flower Bed Decoration

The bed is decorated with fresh flower petals bought from the largest garden in Andaman. You can also request specific shapes and names on the decor to surprise your other significant half.

Couple Beachside Photography:

These photography sessions are done by some of the best candid photographers picked by our team.

These beach-side shots will save the moment and make your honeymoon memorable for years to come.

Other small services that adds more joy to your trip:

  • Complimentary Cake
  • Souvenirs

Water Sports for Couples:

  • Coral Safari Semi-Submarine
  • Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat Ride

How cheap can a honeymoon tour package get?

Traveling in Andaman can be fairly expensive due to lack of online cabs and usage of ferries to different islands. The hotel rates in Andaman is also higher when compared to mainland India. But getting a package from the right tour operator can help you get a better vacation in under budget. Usually, operators use their own cars, boats and have a great relationship with hotels so you can save more. You can find the cheapest ones by contacting Eternal Andamans.

Will I save more on a tour package or traveling by myself?

Depending on where you get the tour package from it can either be expensive or cheap. If getting a tour from OTA’s and travel agents who resell tours, it will be fairly expensive and it is better to travel by yourself.

If getting from a local tour operator in Andaman, you can avoid extra surcharges and taxes added by OTA’s and save more on the same tour,as even if booked with OTAs you will be traveling with the local operators as they are the ones present in Andaman. In this case, you can save more on tour packages, compared to self-planning.

I have special requests; can you take care of that?

Yes, we would love to. We get special requests and tour requests for far-away islands all the time. Our team is always here to assist you and plan your trip alongside you.

What is the best time for a honeymoon trip to Andaman?

The best time to visit Andaman for your honeymoon would be the winter season, which is:

  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March.

This is because the weather is calm and pleasant, and there are no delays in flight and ferry schedules. The temperature can range from 20 to 30 C.

The second-best time would be April, May, and June. This is summertime in Andaman and the heat can be a bit high ranging from 27 to 37 C,but the weather stays clean and perfect for sightseeing in the morning.

The third time would be monsoon, which is from July, August and September. At this time, you can expect sudden rainfalls and reschedules in ferry timings, which can affect the trip.

What time of the year is the cheapest for this trip?

The cheapest month to visit the islands is from July to September but rain might affect the trip.

You can tour on standard rates from September to November and again February to June. At this time the pricing for the tour will be standard and no surcharges are added to the trip, moreover, the weather is great and there will be no extra hassles during your travel.

The peak season in Andaman is from December to January,which is the winter season in Andaman. During this time, everything from hotels and cabs to ferries has extra surcharges added to them. This is because the weather is perfect during these months and the number of tourists visiting Andaman is high.

Can I get honeymoon tours including Airfare?

The cost of airfare changes a lot and therefore it is hard to include it in a package with a specified rate.

If you’d like to get your tickets booked by the tour operator, a separate quote is provided which also includes the airfare.

Can I travel to Andaman on a cruise for this trip?

You can travel to Andaman on a ship only as there are no cruises available from mainland India. (The cruises that are available are only for inter-island travel.)

Please note that the ship journey can be really tiring and bothersome for people who have sea-sickness. Moreover, the ship takes almost 3 days to reach Andaman from Chennai and Kolkata so you’ll have to stay on it, even if the weather gets worse. Find more information about ship journey here.

In terms of possibility, it is completely possible to travel via ship and Eternal Andamans can help you get the tickets. Simply add a note when you fill the form below.

Things to remember:

  • Booking the tickets in advance will help you save a lot on flights.
  • Make sure to select decent hotels as it can ruin the experience otherwise.
  • It’s always good to add at-least on activity to your honeymoon trip.
  • Spend at least 2 days in Havelock and 1 Day in Neil Island for the best experience
  • Take beach-side resorts in Havelock and Neil for an amazing stay, but avoid them in Port Blair as they are really far from the city.
  • Elephant Beach in Havelock Island is best for water sports, but North Bay has more choices than the former.
  • If planning to rent a bike during the trip, make sure you have a valid license.
  • Both the rider and pillion are required to wear helmets in Andaman.
  • Your honeymoon can be more memorable with amazing photographs, which can be framed later on and kept as a souvenir.
  • Candle-Lit Dinner is only available in Havelock Island and Bella Bay is only available at Port Blair.
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