Andaman Tour Packages from Pondicherry


Here we have shown a list of top tour package for Andaman from Pondicherry so you can easily vacate in Andaman with your friends and family and beat the summer heat.

All packages will include a quote for flight along with the standard tour package quotation. Simply let us know when you are planning a tour and we will get flight tickets and manage everything else.

All Tour Packages to Andaman

How to reach Andaman Nicobar Islands from Pondicherry:

You can reach Andaman in 2 ways:

  • Flight
  • Ship

Flight: Taking a flight to Andaman is the best option because it will make your travel safe and comfortable. Although there are no direct flights from Pondicherry to the islands, you can easily take a train or bus to chennai and board the flight to Andaman.

With proper advance booking, you can get a ticket for as low as Rs. 3500, which is the lowest price we usually see, but you will have to book a tour atleast 1-2 months in advance and we highly recommend doing that.

Ship: If you are planning to visit the islands on a ship, you will have to get to the nearest port which is the Chennai Port. You will have to visit the office in the port with proper ID proofs of all travelers and get the tickets atleast 3 days before the departure. Although, ship is somewhat cheaper than flights, you might face sea-sickness as most of the people are prone to it, moreover, the condition of the sea once it enters the water near andamans, is unpredictable and sudden rainfalls and high tides are common. We advise you to come here on a flight for maximum comfort.

How long will it take?

Flight duration:

  • Since you will be catching a flight from the Chennai Airport, it takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes on average to reach Andaman.
  • The additional travel from your home in Pondicherry to the airport is additional and the tour has to be planned accordingly.

Ship travel duration:

  • The nearest port from Pondicherry is Chennai and the ship takes around 2.5 days to reach here depending on the weather conditions.

Best time to Visit:

The best time to visit Andaman is from october to March. These months cover the winter and the start of summer in the islands and therefore perfect for a vacation. The weather will stay clean and the sun will shine moderately so you don't have to worry about the heat.

Second best time is from April to June which is summertime in Andamans. During this time, the sky is clean and there are no chances of rain, and therefore everything on your tour will go according to the plan.

Plan your Andaman Vacation:


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