Neil Island

Small and Beautiful, Famous for Extremely beautiful Resorts.

Neil Island is a place for unmatched quietness and serenity to calm your senses and explore the tall wild trees around the, mostly untouched beaches.

This less populated island houses long banana plantations, paddy fields and other agricultural greenery which makes it a point of interest for travelers who need a quiet place to relax and become one with nature.

Laxmanpur Beach at Neil Island

​It is famous for it's breathtaking sea view and quietness, which presents a sense of rejuvenation and fulfillment of your journey to Andaman.

Shoreline of Sitapur Beach

You can also visit the Natural Bridge, which is one of the major attractions here, and is great for taking some colorful or shadow pictures.​

Natural Bridge in Neil Island

The best places to visit in Neil Island:

Although Neil is small and mostly famous for lush resorts, there are several places that are really beautiful and worth visiting, here are the top places you must visit when planning a trip to the Neil Island:

  1. Sitapur Beach
  2. Lakshmanpur Beach
  3. Bharatpur Beach

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