Laxmanpur Beach - Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach 1 is the best beach in Neill Island located in Laxmanpur village, perfect for sightseeing and casual trips. The beach is located on the  western side of the island, 2.6 km from the jetty and can be reached in less than 15 minutes.

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The view of the beach itself is quite mesmerizing. This white-sand beach is lined by tall tropical trees meshing into a dense forest. The uprooted trees along with the green surroundings give a sense of calmness and joy.

Laxmanpur Beach No.1 in Neil Island
Laxmanpur Beach No.1 in Neil Island

The water here is crystal clear, and deep blue, which adds to the beauty of the beach. But the water currents and waves here are moderately high, making it unsafe for swimming and water sports if you are a beginner. Most of the time, you won’t see anyone going into the sea for a swim.

One of the most spectacular things about the beach is its shape. The beach is triangular in shape, which can be made out from the aerial view and offers a wide view of the complete horizon when you stand at the tip.

The sand covering its wide-area is both deep and free of any shells or dead corals for most parts, which makes walking on it a heavenly feeling for your legs. You might wanna keep your slippers aside for this one.

Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island
Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island

As there are no water-sports or activities allowed at the beach, it is mostly focused on sightseeing and relaxation. The beach is lined with eco-friendly huts and seatings made of wood and straw, where you can relax for a while, and enjoy your snacks or lunch.

Simply exploring the beach and nearby locations is actually fun here. There are a few sitting areas hidden inside the immediate jungles, who for the most part offer a different kind of view.

Another thing that makes this beach famous is the sunset. Thanks to its perfect location and unobstructed view of the horizon, the beach has one of the best sunset views in Neill Island, that you wouldn't want to miss.

Sunset in Laxmanpur Beach
Sunset in Laxmanpur Beach

For snacks and eats, the entrance to the beach is dotted with a lot of small shops, eateries and food stalls that offer various kinds of treats and drinks. Coconut waters sold here are from the plantations near the beach, you should try one in case you are thirsty.

Gift shops selling pearls and shell-based products along with other shopping items are also present near the beach, so you can easily buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

For Kids:

Children can have a lot of fun here as there is a lot of sand filled ground to cover and many places to explore. Shell hunting and sand-castles are what keeps children busy here unless you have an ice-cream. Make sure to keep an eye on them at all times, and do not allow them to get into the sea.



  • The beach opens up at 8 AM‌ and closes at 5 PM.
  • There are no entry fees or tickets to explore the beach, it's completely free.
  • The ideal visit duration is 2-3 hours in the evening.There are no changing rooms or bathroom facilities at the beach.
  • Cellular connectivity is really patchy here, however, you can get BSNL network.Guides are available who can take you to nearby attractions like Natural Bridge.


Best Time to visit:

The best time to visit Laxamanpur beach is between 3 PM‌ to 5:30 PM, as the atmosphere is great and the breeze is energetic, plus you can also enjoy the sunset before leaving. Coming here at 3 PM‌ gives you 2 hours to explore the area, and another 30 minutes to view the sunset, finally leaving at 5:30, before it gets dark.

If you are looking to wrap-up the trip early, the beach opens up at 8 AM and gets lively by 10 AM, so its best to visit at this time.

The best months to visit range from October to May, as the weather is amazing at this time. The peak tourist season ranges from December to February.


Things to do and Nearby Attractions:

Visit the Sunset Point:
Sunset in Laxmanpur Beach

The sunset point is located at the left side of the beach marked by a sign on the shore. It is basically the tip of the triangle that the beach is shaped in. This point offers a magnanimous view of the open horizon where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the sun setting into the sea, while the sky is painted red and orange. There are numerous seating huts and benches at this point, for a comfortable sunset watching experience. Make sure to get there 15 minutes before and grab your seat, as they fill out pretty fast.


Visit Laxmanpur Beach 2:
Laxmanpur Beach No.2
Laxmanpur Beach No.2

The Laxmanpur Beach 2 is located near the beach 1 but isn’t visited mostly by tourists due to its aggressive waters. The beach, however, is quite beautiful for exploration and treks. You can easily tag along the shoreline to reach the end of the shoreside jungle and return. Overall a good trip if you have some extra time.


Trek to Natural Bride:
Natural Bridge near Laxmanpur Beach No.2
Natural Bridge near Laxmanpur Beach No.2

The Natural Bridge is located near Laxmanpur Beach 2 and is one of the major attractions in the area. This 500 meters trek, takes you along the shore, complimented by aggressive waves of the sea on one side and dense tropical jungle on the other. Soon you are greeted by a bridge formed naturally by rocks and water cutting through it. It is a great spot for a photoshoot and is loved by lens lovers for this reason alone. Guide can be found near the beach 2, who will take you there easily. They charge INR 150 for the trip, including return.


Photo Opp/ Candid Photography:

The scenic beauty of Laxmanpur Beach is one to catch. With the right combination of blue waters, tall trees along with the glistening white sand, is what makes it a great spot for a photoshoot whether you are with your family or on a honeymoon trip. Famous sites for photoshoot are the huge fallen trees on the right side of the beach, followed by the Natural Bridge and a view of sunset from the point. If you are looking for a professional photoshoot, you can hire one here.


How to Reach:

Pathway to Laxmanpur Beach (How to Reach)
Pathway to Laxmanpur Beach
Prebooked Cab:

Prebooked cabs are the best way to reach the beach as they are both comfortable and fast. As Neill is a very small island, independent cabs that only go to one attraction like Laxmanpur Beach are hard to find. Both tourists and drivers prefer booking a 3-point tour of Neill, which includes Laxmanpur Beach along with Bharatpur Beach and Sitapur Beach, thus completing the whole tour of the island. The usual charge is INR‌ 1200 for A/C‌ cab; more details can be found here.



Buses are yet another great way to reach the Laxman Pur beach. Buses leave from the Neill Island jetty and reach the beach in 30 minutes. Mostly preferred by budget travelers and nomads, this is the cheapest way to reach the beach. Buses leave twice a day from the jetty and make a trip every hour. The usual charge for a ticket is INR‌ 30.


Auto Rickshaw:

Auto rickshaws are yet another great way to reach the beach. You can easily find them at the jetty, right next to the bus-stand. They usually charge INR‌ 120 for a trip to the Laxmanpur Beach, but the prices can vary from driver to driver.‌ Make sure to book the return and pay the driver for the waiting time, as rickshaws are pretty scarce near the beach and most of them are booked for return.


Rental Scooter:

You can easily get a rental scooter for INR 500 at the shops located near the jetty or you can prebook them for INR 21/Hour, here. Make sure to keep an offline map of the island before leaving for the beach. The roads are covered with jungle and greenery from both sides and are pretty easy to navigate. The parking is free near the beach, making it a hassle-free experience.


Where to Eat:

There are an abundance of small shops and stalls at the beach, where you can get some snacks and drinks for cheap. Moreover, there are a lot of benches and seating areas where you can enjoy the view with your snacks.

Food stalls at Laxmanpur beach (where to eat)
Food stalls at Laxmanpur Beach

Apart from these, there are a few decent restaurants near Laxmanpur Beach where you can have a full meal. The nearest one within the walking distance is the Dugong Restaurant.

Dugong Restaurant offers continental and Asian cuisines along with fresh seafood- caught near the seas of Neill Island, so it's as fresh as it can be. The restaurant is clean and hygenic with a decent food menu. To reach there, simply take a right from the beach and follow the road.

Where to Stay:

Being one of the major attractuions in Neil Island, the Laxmanpur Beach has a wide of variety of hotels, both luxury and budget, nearby. Some of the most famous ones are Pearl Park Beach Resort, SeaShell Samssara Resort and Tango Beach Resort. If you are willing go to a little further you can also opt for Seven Seas Dream Castle, which is a budget hotel located at a walkable distance from the Beach No.1.


What's the distance between Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach?

The Bharatpur Beach is located 2.2 km away from the Laxmanpur Beach and it takes just 6 minutes to reach there via a cab. Buses and autorickshaws are available from both the points so commuting is easy.


How to go from Laxmanpur Beach to Sitapur Beach?

You can easily commute between both the beaches by bus and cabs. Buses going through the‌ Sitapur Beach via Laxmanpur Beach route are available twice a day, while cabs have to be booked for the 3-point tour, which includes both the beaches. You can also opt for autorickshaws but the availability is low near both the beaches.


Is Natural Bridge close to Laxmanpur beach?

Yes, it is close to the Laxmanpur Beach 2, and can either be reached by road or by trekking beside the roadways.

Is Laxmanpur Beach worth visiting?

Yes, Laxmanpur Beach is considered the best beach in Neill Island and is quite famous among both tourists and locals. The beach is truly serene and surrounded by nature. If you are visiting Andaman‌ Island to explore it, this beach cannot be missed.


Are there any water sports available at Laxmanpur beach? I have seen a few sites selling them.

NO, There are no water sports available at the beach and swimming is also prohibited here, because the waves are really wild. Any other article or information saying otherwise is fake. Keep yourself and your family safe by reading articles from regularly updated sites, one such is Eternal Andamans.

Laxmanpur Beach is one of the many attractions of
Neil Island
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