Andaman Tour Packages from Bangalore

Planning a trip from Bangalore to Andaman Nicobar Islands is fairly easy because recently there are 2 flights that have been assigned. These flights will take your directly from the Bangalore Airport to Andaman without any further connections, so you can travel easily.

To travel and experience Andaman Islands, you'll first have to reach here. This is fairly easy if the destination was located in mainland India, but since its not, you only have two ways to reach here.

  • Flight
  • Ship

Reaching Andaman from Bangalore by Flight:

There are two flights available from Bangalore daily that will take you to Andaman directly. These flights are usually from Go Air and IndiGo and can cost a bit extra, since they are direct.

If you'd like to save some money and don't mind spending hours on the Airport, you can opt for connecting flights.

There are usually three flights that come to Andaman and the overlay time can be anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on the scheduling.

Eternal Andamans highly recommends getting a direct flight as it is very comfortable and you won't end up being tired from the beginning of the tour.

If you are concerned about the prices, you can get a ticket atleast 2 months before your trip to make sure you get the lowest rates possible. For a comparison, flight tickets from Rs. 4500 is considered lowest and anything above Rs. 7000 is considered high.

Flight distance and Time to reach:
  • The flight generally takes around 2 Hours and 35 Minutes to reach here.
  • It covers 1660 KMs during the travel.

Reaching Andaman from Bangalore by Ship:

Ships do offer a comparatively lower rate than flights and you can probably save around Rs. 1000 by taking a ship on a good day, but there are other factors that will be considered into this.

The closest port that harbors a ship to Andaman is Chennai. The travelling cost to Chennai is added to the trip which can increase the cost and take it on par with the flight rates.

The second thing to note here is that, the ship takes around 2 days to reach here and when food charges are added to the bill, its simply not worth traveling in ship to Andaman.

Of-course, this is different for locals in Andaman as they get almost 30-40% off on ship tickets, but that's reserved for the islanders only.

We recommend reaching Andaman on a flight as its faster and can be cost effective if planned and booked in Advance.

Planning a trip to Andaman from Bangalore:

Andaman does have a lot to offer in terms of a good and relaxing vacation and although most of the places are really great, as someone who was born and raised here, I do have some of my favorites that you must visit during the trip.

Best Places for Sightseeing:

  • Havelock Island (Best beaches in Andaman and the overall tropical feel is something to remember)
  • Port Blair (Good beaches, great historical monuments, decent in terms of water sports)
  • Neil Island (Small and secluded Island, great beaches, a quiet tropical beauty)
  • Baratang (Offbeat destination, great and long journey between tropical forests, decent sightseeing options)
  • Ross Island (Very small Island, no beaches or stay options, ecstatic sanctuary and historical ruins)

Best Places for Water Sports:

  • Elephant Beach in Havelock Island (Crystal clear waters, great marine life, low prices)
  • North Bay (Fairly clear waters, decent marine life, average prices, no place to stay)
  • Neil Island (Almost clear waters, good amount of marine life, higher prices)
  • Jolly Buoy (Crystal clear waters, great coral population, lesser water activities, hard to get tickets, no place to stay)

This should sum up the best places you can visit in Andaman during your trip from Bangalore. If you'd like to learn more, do explore our website further.

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