Wandoor Beach- Port Blair

Offbeat destination far from the Port Blair city.

The Wandoor Beach is located 25 KMs from the Airport and is one of the major attractions in Port Blair. It comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park area along with several other attractions.  

With sustainable tourism and protection of the forests under the Andaman Islands Administration, the beach is surrounded by a vast variety of fauna, which covers it from three sides.

Wandoor beach, Port Blair

The beach itself is located at a remote place, which had to be reached by driving through lone roads that take you through the forests. The trip to the beach is amazing because you are occasionally greeted by sudden jump of wide blue sea, visible from between the forest canopy.


The Wandoor beach is boasts the largest shoreline in Port Blair, easily stretching up to 15 KMs, which is filled by clena white beach, complimented with fallen tropical trees after the 2004 tsunami, and has clear blue waters that invites you to take a dip.

The water depth is perfectly gradual, which means you can go somewhat far into the water without having to worry about the depth above-neck.

The waves are standard and the water currents are medium, increasing only on full moon, which makes sure your swim is perfect and comfortable.

Do mind the underwater rocks and dead coral reefs when in water to make sure you don’t get small cuts when roughed on them.

Another more important thing to keep in mind is that, there have been several sightings of crocodiles near the forests of the Wandoor beach. Although they have been relocated far away from the place, the government has built a nest around the starting of the beach.

Wandoor Beach - netted sea area for swimming
Netted Area for Swimming - Wandoor

This net is made especially for those who would to like swim at the beach. It makes sure no unwanted sea dwellers make their way inside so the swimmer stays safe at all times.

There are several life guards stationed near the beach to help in case of any emergencies.


The beach starts at an open area close to the bus stand and helipad.

You can find a number of open wooden huts with proper benches and tables near the shoreline where you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful view with your family.

Wandoor Beach, Left end
Left most side of the Wandoor Beach

Moving right from the entrance, you can find lots of small shops where you can enjoy snacks and take a break.

You can also take some snacks to the beach but make sure not to throw the garbage near the shoreline, because the wandoor beach is a plastic free zone and the forest department is very strict about it.

There are gift shops near the beach where you can find the best handicrats and souvenirs at a steal price, so make sure to take advantage of that and bring something home to remember your vacation in Andamans.

Water Sports at Wandoor beach:

There are no water sports activities available at the Wandoor beach, but it is a gateway to two of the most famous water sport attractions in Port Blair:

TIP: To learn more about reaching the above places, read the "How to Reach" section below.

How to Reach Wandoor Beach:

Wandoor beach is a 25 KM drive from the Port Blair Airport and can be reached easily in 3 ways:

  1. Bus
  2. Cabs
  3. Auto-Rickshaws


There are several Govt. and private buses to the beach and are usually preferred by locals as an economic way of traveling as they charge Rs. 25/person to reach there.

There are more than 10 stops till you reach the beach so it takes 1.5 hours to reach there.

People traveling through the bus should not that, due to limited buses, the availability of seats are scarse and one should board the bus from Aberdeen Bus Stand to ensure seats.

Buses are old and therefore prone to issues, so its wise to take the number of a cab service to ensure you don't get stuck half way.

Cabs and Auto-Rickshaws:

Various types of private vehicles including Swift and Ertiga are available to reach the beach and are mostly preferred by visitors as they are more comfortable and take you to the beach in under 30 minutes.

It is always advised to pre-book the cab because at times of peak season the availability of cars are less.

Cab Prices:
  • Prebooked: Rs. 1199/- from the Airport
  • Non Prebooked: Rs. 1500/- from the Airport
  • Autorickshaws: Rs. 1200/- to 1500/- from the Airport

Reaching Nearby Islands:

Jolly Buoy Island from Wandoor Beach:

Jolly Buoy Island near Wandoor Beach

Jolly Buoy is a haven for people who'd like to experience some adventure and water-sports while their time in Andaman. It is only open for 6 months, after which the Red Island is opened.

Jolly Buoy is located almost 25KM from the Wandoor Beach and can only be reached by taking a boat from the Wandoor Jetty.

The tickets to the speed boats are issued from the IPNT office in Bengali Club.

Once there you'll have to stand in queue with appropriate identities and get the ticket. A permission from the forest department is required to go there which is also available from the same office.

Tickets can be prebooked by contacting appropriate Tour Operators and DMC's.

Red Skin Island from Wandoor Beach:

Red Skin Island near Wandoor Beach

Reaching Red Skin Island from Wandoor is the same as Jolly Buoy, you'll have to get the tickets from IPNT office and board the ferry from the Wandoor Beach.

Make sure to take forest permission to avoid deny of entry to the island.

Things you need to know before visiting:

  • Always ask the local authorities or life guards before swimming in the water.
  • Do not throw plastics and polythene near the beach because it comes under the Andaman forest reserve.
  • Number of buses to the beach are limited so make sure to get the timings before visiting.
  • Cabs and autorickshaws are scarce at the beach so make sure to take the number of a driver when you reach there.
  • Prebooking cabs is the best way to go to the beach.
Wandoor Beach is only just the beginning.
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