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Andaman islands is a refreshing destination to travel to especially when the summer in Delhi is at its full bloom. An escape from the city and a dive into the all natural, relaxing tropical destination like Andaman is something to look forward to.

People from Delhi can enjoy their vacation in Andaman by booking a tour which includes the airfare along with hotels, sightseeing and more, and we have designed tours to match just that.

Explore some of our top selections of vacation packages that are well-liked by our previous guests and dive into a complete family tour to Andaman that ensures hours of fun and adventure in some of the best destinations in the islands including, Havelock, Neil, Port Blair and more.

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How to reach Andaman Nicobar Islands from Delhi:

People from Delhi can reach Andaman by 2 ways:

  • Flight
  • Ship
  • Train

Flight: Flights are the best way to reach the islands because it ensures both comfort and safety. Previously there were no direct flights and the journey usually got a bit tiring, but not anymore. Air India has started one direct flight everyday from Delhi to Andaman which makes the travel even more comfortable.

New delhi to Andaman
Flight Route from Delhi with duration and round trip cost.

On average, a flight from Delhi if booked in 2 months advance can cost around Rs. 5000 and if booked at-least 4 months in advance can reach an all time low of around 3500. We recommend all our guests to plan the tour at-least 2 months before arrival to save more on tickets.

Eternal Andamans helps you with the booking tickets for every confirmed tour packages and charges no fees or convenience charges whatsoever, so you can be sure you are paying the least possible amount for your journey.

Ship: If you'd rather plan on reaching Andaman via ship, you can easily book a ticket by visiting STARS ticketing in any large port. There are only 3 ports from where you can board a ship to Andaman, which are Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakapatnam (rarely). The tickets are available in the office near the port, and has to be booked at least 3 days before the voyage. Although, it might save you some money as the tickets are around Rs. 2000 for lower cabin class, we recommend taking a flight to the islands as it takes 3 days to reach here and the journey can be a bit tiring and sometimes overwhelming, if you are prone to sea-sickness.

Train: There are no trains that will take you to Andaman as the islands are separate from the mainland India. You can however travel to Kolkata or Chennai if you are planning a journey by ship.

How long will it take?

Flight travel duration:
  • If you are catching a direct flight from Delhi to Andaman it will take 3 Hours and 35 Minutes to reach here.
  • In case the flight is connecting, the travel duration 4 to 14 Hours based on the stops being made and the duration of halt.
Ship travel duration:
  • It takes around 3 days to reach Andaman via ship from Kolkata Port and around 2.5 days to reach from the Chennai Port. You will have to travel from Delhi to these states to board one.

Best time to Visit:

The best time to visit Andaman is:

  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March.

At this time the weather is clean and there are no delays in cruise and ferry timings. Temperature can range from 20-30 Celsius.

Second best time to visit would be:

  • April
  • May
  • June

This is summertime in Andaman and the weather is clear and sunny which is perfect for sightseeing in the morning and evening and water sports during the day.

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LTC Tours from Delhi:

Since cabs are not included in LTC bill, these Andaman holiday packages from Delhi is the same as all other LTC packages we have listed on our website. You will be able to travel the Andaman Islands with proper billing as we will take care of every detail for a precise bill including everything from flights to vehicle charges so you can easily redeem them.

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