Long Island

Great destination that deserves more attention.

Long Island is one the most intrinsic and underrated spot on the Andaman Islands, which deserves more attention and visits. The Island is perfect for peace and adventure lovers alike. Having an area of 18 Sq. Km. it is relatively smaller but has a lot of adventure in store for the tourists.

Long Island offers some of the best sites to go for scuba diving.

Clear waters, diverse underwater ecosystem, and live corals make it a very memorable venture. If you are an adventure junkie then you can go on a trekking trip with your friends on a 6 km long trekking trail which starts from the jetty point and ends at Lalaji Bay.

Lalaji Bay Beach in Long Island

If you plan to visit here, then you’d have to stretch your stay at Andaman because it takes somewhat long time to travel to Long Island.

There are Forest Rest Houses that you can use as accommodation during your stay at the Isle.

To reach Long Island you can make use of the speed boats. Boats for Long Island depart from Yeratta which is near Rangat at 4 pm. You would need to reach Rangat from Port Blair by taking an early 4 am boat.

You can choose to relax at the beach or take a walk along the seaside. You can also visit the Lalaji Beach to catch a glimpse of the dolphins.

The Mangrove that grows here gives a spectacular view to capture for the viewers with their camera.

Overall a great place to visit, if you have the time.

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