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How to go from Port Blair to Baratang?

Baratang Island - Mangrove Forest.

Baratang is located in the center of Middle & South Andaman Islands and is connected to Port Blair by both road and sea, so there are a lot of ways to reach there. The distance between these 2 destinations is 101 KMs which can be covered in 2-3 hours based on the mode of transport.

How to reach Baratang?

People who are planning to visit Baratang and explore the Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano, have to reach Baratang along with the dense tropical forest area spanning for 53 KMs, that comes under the Jarawa Reserve. This calls for an amazing road trip.

To gain entry to the Baratang you will have to get past the guarded check post at the start of the journey. Two-Wheelers are not allowed to get past the check post so the only two options that you will have is to travel via a cab or bus.

The checkpost clearance is done at 6 A.M and 9 A.M, so you will have to leave early, preferably at 4 A.M or 6 A.M from Port Blair, respectively. There are small shops and stalls for refreshments, where you can enjoy some snacks after the road trip.

After passing the checkpost, you can see dense forest surrounding the road from both sides and might be able to spot Jarawas, if you are lucky. Please note that photography, talking and offering food to the Jarawas is strictly prohibited.

Baratang Jetty

As soon as you reach the end of the forest road you will reach the Baratang Jetty, which has another checkpost. Here you can wait for the vehicle ferry to arrive, which will take you to the destinations you came here to visit.

The launch service has also been provided by the Andaman Administration, so you can easily cross the bay and reach the Uttara Jetty and resume your sightseeing.

Returning to Port Blair from Baratang:

After the trip ends, you can easily return to Port Blair by passing the checkpost at the Baratang Jetty. Once the checking is done the gate is opened for vehicles to return. The gate opens at 2:00 P.M and stays open till 5:00 P.M.

Usually the cabs will take you back to Port Blair in under 3.5 hours, and you will reach Port Blair by 6:30 P.M.

There are three ways you can reach Baratang Island:

  • Cab
  • Ferry
  • Bus

Port Blair to Baratang by Ferry:

Port Blair to Baratang Ferry Route.

Although, ferry is the faster option to reach Baratang, its not available everyday. Ferry was expected to launch in October 2019, but there has been some delays, and no time has been specified for launch till date.

Once launched, it will be run from October till March and can be one of the fastest way to reach there, but you'll have to go via bus or cabs till then.

Port Blair to Baratang by Bus:

The Government buses from Port Blair to Baratang takes about 4 Hours 45 minutes to reach there. There are several buses (5:30 AM and 11:00 AM usually) which leaves the Bus Terminus near Aberdeen Bazaar everyday. The tickets cannot be booked in advance and you'll have to visit Port Blair to book Bus Tickets by visiting the ticketing counter in the Terminus.

Port Blair to Baratang by Cab:

Port Blair to Baratang Cab Route with trip time.

Cabs are by far the best way to reach Baratang and can take you there in under 2 Hours 45 Minutes. Its also available all around the year.

The most important thing that makes cab journey better than the others is that, the view of the forests and Jarawa Tribe from the cabin of your car is awesome and is a great experience for people visiting Baratang for the first time.

The cab journey is also reliable and follows no strict timings, so you can easily spend more time in Baratang.

General Information:

  • Baratang Island is located 101 KMs from Port Blair.
  • Two-Wheelers are not allowed past the checkpost in Baratang.
  • The ferry takes 90-120 minutes to cover this distance and reach Baratang.
  • The cab takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes to cover the same and reach Baratang.
  • Prices for the cab is Rs.4500 for 6/7 people, including the permits and tickets.
  • Cab service is generally preferred for this trip by travelers.
  • Ferry Tickets go on sale only 2 days before the departure.
  • Moreover, it can only be booked by visiting the office near Chatham Jetty.
  • A permit and ticket is required to visit the Limestone Caves which costs Rs.750.
  • Cabs are not allowed inside the Cave area so you'll have to walk 1/2 KM to reach there.
  • A permit and ticket is required to visit the mud volcano which costs Rs. 500.
  • The limestone cave and Mud Volcano in Baratang, are closed on Mondays.



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Updated on 16 Jan 2020

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How much time does it take to reach Baratang from Port Blair?

It takes around 2-3 hours to reach Baratang via cab and takes around 45 minutes with ferry. The ferry takes you there faster but includes additional costs like transportation to the Jetty and vehicle boarding.

Whats the best way to go from Baratang from Port Blair?

Cabs are the best way to reach Baratang and is generally more preferred by tourists. This is because traveling via ferry incurs additional costs like vehicle boarding and to further explore Baratang a vehicle is required as the attractions are far apart from each other, and local transportation is almost non-existent.

What are the documents required to travel to Baratang?

You will require a valid ID proof or a passport if you are not an Indian citizen. Moreover, attractions like Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano requires a permit, which has to be taken from the IP&T office in Port Blair. There are additional entry fees for both these destinations.

Is the Limestone Cave really far from the main road?

The Limestone Caves are located almost 1/2 KMs from the main road gate. This gate is where the tickets, permits and ID is verified and cabs and other vehicles are not allowed to enter so you'll have to walk the rest of the way. With trips from Eternal Andamans, the driver will be there with you and take care of all the permits and other formalities for a smooth trip.

How far is the Mud Volcano in Baratang?

Mud Volcano is located around 60-70 meters from the gate after which no vehicles are allowed. The security check and verification is done on this gate.

Are there any hotels and stay options in Baratang?

Baratang has very few hotels which are not necessarily great, but deliver a make-do stay experience. Therefore, all tourists visiting Baratang return the same day to Port Blair and continue their trip of Andaman.

Is Baratang trip tiresome?

Baratang can be a bit tiresome as the cab journeys are long and you will have to walk a few KMs till the trip completes. Its always a good idea to determine whether you'd like to visit here, beforehand. There are a lot of destinations in Andaman if you are looking to have a more laidback vacation.

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