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Photographers in Andaman Islands

Hire Candid Photographer in the Andaman Islands (from ₹500)

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a heaven for photographers with its white-sand, serene beaches to its tranquil sunsets and sunrise complemented by turquoise blue waters. With this being said, there are a lot of places perfect for a photoshoot here, but not all the destinations are blessed with great photographers who can take shots that you will love.

All photographers working with Eternal Andamans provide professional editing and size altering to make it perfect for social media like Facebook or Instagram among others.

Whether you are looking for a photoshoot in Havelock Island with your family or honeymoon photography in Andaman with prewedding and post-wedding shoots, everything is available and provided by photographers from Andaman, vetted rigorously from all islands.

With that being said, let's see the best places to a photoshoot in different islands and the price of hiring a candid photographer there:

Port Blair:

Being the capital city of Andaman, Port Blair offers a lot of great options for family or honeymoon photoshoots. Moreover, the availability of photographers here is abundant, making sure you get the right price.

Port Blair has the most number of tourist attractions than any other island in Andaman, so below is a list of the best places for a photoshoot.

Best places for a photoshoot in Port Blair:

  • Corbyn's Cove Beach - Picturesque beach with white sand and tranquil waters.
  • Mount Harriet - Awe-inspiring view of the island from the top of the hill.
  • Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Island - Secluded island with beautiful views, located near Port Blair.
  • Sunset at‌ Chidiyatapu - Amazing sunset, famous across the islands.
  • Science Center - Hill with a view of panoramic sea and rocks.

Havelock Island:

Havelock Island presents the best places to go for professional photos in the islands. The island has some of the most famous beaches in India and offers a tranquil surrounding with crystal clear waters. Most of the honeymoon photoshoots, along with pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots are done here, simply because of the beauty of the island.

Best places for a photoshoot in Havelock Island:

  • Radhanagar Beach - Amazing beach with clear blue waters, graced with multiple awards.
  • Kalapathar Beach - Peaceful beach with an amazing sunset.
  • Elephant Beach- Turquoise colored water, with a wide shoreline.
  • Nemo Reef- Underwater Photography with abundant corals at Nemo Reef, while Scuba Diving.

Neil Island:

Neil is yet another secluded island offering great places for a photoshoot. There are no candid photography services available on Neil Island, making it one of the hardest places to find a decent photographer. We provide our services in Neil where a photographer will visit with you and capture those moments as they happen.

Best places for photography in Neil Island:

  • Laxmanpur Beach, during sunset- Clear, vibrant beach with a triangular shape, surrounded with fierce waters.
  • Natural Bridge - Natural rock formation, famous for sightseeing and photography.

Honeymoon and Wedding Photography in the Andaman Islands:

Our services are specially catered towards honeymoon and married couples. People visiting the islands on their honeymoon can request special photo services, that capture your best moments and keeps them ready for your album, and social media.

The pre-wedding and post-wedding photography services are always preplanned and quotations are provided based on the requirements. Fill out the form below to learn more and get a quotation.


Can we choose the location of the photoshoot?
Yes, you are free to choose the location of the photoshoot. We will also provide a list of recommended places in Andaman, along with a prior work portfolio, so you check out and choose your location.

What is included in the photography session?
All necessary equipment including, Camera, Lenses, Props, and Equipment along with service costs including Photographers Charge and Professional Editing. The photographer will meet you directly at the destination and will guide you through the rest.

Can I get a camera on rent?
As no now, there are no shops that provide rental cameras in the Andaman Islands.

What's the cost of photography in Andaman?
The usual cost comes in between INR 1000-3000, which gives out 10-50 professional photos. Prices vary heavily based on the island and services included. Refer to the table above for detailed pricing, or contact us with any special request or questions.

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