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The below given tour packages include tour to Port Blair so you can easily explore more of this beautiful city:

These tours include Port Blair and a nearby Island so you can explore more of Andaman:

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Port Blair is the capital city of Andamans, and is one of the first places that you will explore in Andaman Islands. There are more than a few amazing places here that you can add to your Tour Package.

Top destinations in Port Blair that you can add to your tour:

Top Nearby Museums:

  • Chatham Saw Mill
  • Samudrika Naval Marine Museum
  • Anthropological Museum

Available Water Sports which you can add to your tour:

Q: How many days trip should I plan to Port Blair?

A: 2 Days is enough to complete all the destination in Port Blair, but we recommend exploring the islands very close to Port Blair which is Ross Island and North Bay. These 2 islands don't have any hotels or resorts so you will have to stay in Port Blair and take a boat to reach there.

Q: What are the best beaches here?

A: The best beaches in Port Blair in ascending order would be:

  1. Carbyn's Cove Beach
  2. Wandoor Beach
  3. Mundapahar Beach
  4. North Bay Beach

Q: Are hotels in Port Blair expensive?

A: No. Compared to all other islands in Andaman, the hotel prices in this city is the lowest. This is due to abundance in hotels in the city and off areas.

Q: Is Port Blair enough for a trip to the Andamans?

A: No. This is because there are several islands like Havelock and Neil that offer a diverse collection of destinations for a fulfilling vacation. If you'd like to stay at hotels in Port Blair, you can opt for packages that have same-day return to Port Blair from other islands.

Q: Do I need special permissions to visit any destination in Port Blair?

A: Yes, for Jolly Buoy. To visit jolly buoy and red skin islands you will need to get permission from the government. Other than that no additional permissions are required to explore the city.

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