Rangat Island, Middle Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar

Situated in Middle Andaman Islands, Rangat is a picturesque island that is surrounded by dense forests and has splendidly beautiful beaches. You can sit at the lavish beaches and watch the waves hit your toes.

The islands is home to a number of natural waterfalls that will take your breath away. There are several beaches in the island which are ideal for sunbathing and water sports.

Rangat in Andaman Islands

​The journey to the place itself is aw-inspiring, as it is surrounded by dense forests, open shorelines and great scenery.​

You can reach the Island either by road or the ferry services that are available from Port Blair if you are going Independently, we will arrange private transportation otherwise.

During your visit to the Rangat, feel free to take pit stops and get some memorable pictures,Our drivers will cooperate.

Attractions in Rangat:

Among several other attractions, some of the best places you must visit during your trip are:

  1. Cutbert Bay Beach
  2. Amkunj Bay Beach
  3. Panchavati Hills
  4. Long Island

Cutbert Bay Beach:

Famous for its golden sandy beaches, the Cutbert Bay Beach offers a rich presentation of flora and fauna within its boundaries.

The lush green mangroves, pristine clear beaches and a host of sea animals that have their nesting spot here which calls for a tempting adventure on the island.

Cutbert Bay Beach in Rangat

Pleasant weather conditions throughout the year makes it an ideal place to choose for vacationing.

Unlike the busy hustle bustle from the urban landscape of Port Blair, this Beach is somewhat detached from the noisy urban setting.

A wildlife sanctuary is also housed at the beach which provides a nesting ground for the sea turtles.

If you are lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of different species of turtles nesting on the island.

Amkunj Bay Beach:

The most unique thing about Amkunj Bay Beach is that it is characterized by rocky black sand, which makes it a rather peculiar and unique place to visit in the Andaman Islands.

A bunch of water sport activities and beautiful attractions make the tourists look forward to their visit on the island.

Amkunj Bay Beach in Rangat

Water at Amkunj Bay Beach is crystal clear and somewhat seems to be like blue emeralds.

You can have a swim along with your friends and family at the beach or even choose to go snorkeling.

​The beach is famous for its lustrous & peaceful atmosphere and plays host to a variety of beautiful oceanic birds, and so Bird watching is another interesting activity that one can do on their visit to the beach.

​Panchavati Hills:

Have you ever wondered on stepping upon a place that seems to radiate serenity and beauty from its every tiny essence?

If yes, then Panchavati Hills is the perfect place to experience this electrifying atmosphere.

​The prime attraction here is a waterfall that falls from a decent height and rushes through the stony atmosphere of the mountains.

You can take a dip in the cold and fresh waters of the falls and experience the fast flow of the stream.

However, the waterfalls is not easily accessible from up close due to the rough geography of the hills.

Other activities to do at the Panchavati Hills include, fishing and swimming.

​Long Island:

Long Island is enclosed within a small area of 20 square kilometers.The area is characterized by white sandy beaches, fresh green forests and rocky terrain. It forms a part of the East Baratang group of islands.

If you are looking to spend some time alone with your family, without the concern of being disturbed then this is the perfect place to visit.

Long Island near Rangat

The footfall of tourists is relatively less in comparison to other popular spots on the Andaman Islands. This makes it an ideal destination to experience peace and mix with the beauty of nature.

A small forest cover makes it an interesting place to adventure out and explore the un-mapped areas on the Andaman Island.

Morice Dera Beach:

Morice Dera is located just 8 kilometers from Rangat and is situated just opposite the Amkunj Bay Beach.

​It is place rather suitable for trekking and long walks, and is surrounded by lush forests and serenity.

If you are a trekking enthusiast, this place might be one to consider.

How to reach Rangat:

Rangat can be reached in four ways:

  1. Cabs
  2. Helicopter
  3. Government Ferry
  4. Bus

You can reach Rangat by booking a cab from Port Blair. You will reach there in under 8 under hours, and is a long journey.


You can reach Rangat by helicopter in under an hour. The ticket is priced Rs. 3000/-, which changes according to demand and season. The tickets can be booked by contacting any local tour operator including Eternal Andamans.

Govt. Ferry:

To reach Rangat via ferry you'll have to get tickets in Port Blair itself. The ferry leaves from the Marine Jetty in Port Blair and will take you Rangat in under 4 hours. The charges per ticket would be Rs. 300/-


You can catch various buses from the Bus Terminus in Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair. This will take you to Rangat in under 10 hours.

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