Something Different

Beachside Resturant

Something Different is conveniently located near Beach No.2, lined with palm trees and greenery from all sides. This combined with a great view of the sea provides a tranquil environment to enjoy your meal without a care in the world. The restaurant is open type with sandy sitting area. The walls are decorated with shells and corals found locally that adds to its rustic vibe. The front area is large enough for big gatherings with a capacity of 100, perfect for large groups and families to enjoy their meal together.

Something Different Restaurant in Havelock Island

In terms of food, Something Different Cafe is top-notch. The menu itself is the right combination of Chinese, Indian, and Fast food cuisines carefully chosen and refined over the year. Burgers, pizza, pasta, and noodles being the most famous choice among visitors.

Something Different Restaurant Dish

The seafood here is as fresh as it gets, and nothing is stored in the fridge for the next day and it shows. Mezze Platter combined with fish and a wonderful dessert like chocolate mousse is something travelers swear by at this restaurant.

Something Different Restaurant

The menu is mostly halal non-veg, but the restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals with gluten-free options so you can take care of your health on the go.

Catch a cold beer along with deep-fried local fish here, that takes away all the stress and tiredness of a whole day of Havelock exploration. The bar itself is well equipped and alcohol and dining go hand in hand here. A completely seamless dining experience complemented by the mild sound of waves.


Something Different Cafe provides hotel pickup and drops along with table reservations. You can also pre-book meals in advance and get straight to dining as you arrive here.

Something Different Restautrant

The restaurant also provides candlelight dinner near the shoreline of Beach No.5, which also has to be prebooked.

Last but not least, the restaurant offers free WiFi with decent speed so you can enjoy a few hours of browsing and get relief from the mediocre internet of Havelock.

English name:
Something Different.

Beach No. 2 Behind 'Havelock Power House Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744211

Opening hours:
11:30 AM-10:30 PM

Price: ₹₹₹

Non-smoking section:
Completely Non-Smoking.

No Reservations Required.

Nearest Transport:
Bus and Auto-Rickshaw.



Near To Here:
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