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Here we have listed some of the best Andaman Nicobar Family Packages at budget prices.

These are some of our top selling pre-planned vacations that are made with your family in mind. The tours listed here, balance the trip to include everyone from kids to elders, so they can enjoy the tour without feeling left out.

We look forward to welcoming you in Andaman Islands.

Tips for choosing the perfect package:

  • Read the article below to find the right destinations for your travel based on your family’s members.
  • Compare the packages, and select the ones that include your preferred destinations.
  • Set a per person budget, and choose a tour with everyone in mind, all prices listed here are per person.

If you don’t like to go through each package individually, you can simply the fill the form at the end of this page to consult with our experts. They will take care of every detail and plan a tour for you in under your budget.

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Planning a family holiday to Andaman:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are peaceful, serene and one of the most beautiful destinations that you must explore with your family. Located in the Bay of Bengal with over 527 islands in total, you can have one of the more wholesome family vacation when you visit Andamans.

All family tours to Andaman include a perfectly balanced mixture of great sightseeing destinations, leisure & relaxation time with a hint of water sports for everyone to enjoy.

Most of the vacation packages include Port Blair, Havelock Island and Neil Island as a standard, because they are the best in Andaman. While some itineraries include North Bay and Ross Island for some water sports and history trip.

Ross Island in Andaman

Folks visiting for more than 4 nights usually travel to other offbeat destinations like Baratang, Long Island and Rangat to add some outstation adventure to the travel.

You will have to choose among these destinations based on who you are traveling with,and what age group everyone belongs to.

Top destinations in Andaman for Kids:

Kids like being around beautiful places, love to swim, explore new things, and enjoy a bit water sports and therefore you should plan the trip accordingly.

The best places to visit with your kids are:

  • Havelock Island
  • Port Blair
  • North Bay
  • Neil Island

When combined together on a trip, these four islands are perfect for them in every sense. The Havelock Island includes great places like Radhanagar Beach, which offers a splendid view of the ocean and swimming here is allowed, so your kids can have hours of fun in the water. Moreover, there are life guards available here and there is no warning for crocodiles so you can be sure of their safety.

Port Blair offers a diverse collection of beautiful beaches and places like Corbyns cove beach and Wandoor beach, which is adored by kids for its wide seashore where they can run freely,enjoy ice creams and enjoy water sports casually.

North Bay has a diverse collection of water sports that is much higher than any other island in Andaman and is perfect for kids. There are a lot of vendors available there and the trip to the island itself on a boat is wonderful. If you have kids in your family, this destination is highly recommended.

Neil Island has great and completely secluded beaches that adds a bit of mystery to your vacation, the island is small but has some of the best beaches in the islands,like Laxmanpur Beach which is surrounded by tropical trees and is large enough for kids to explore till their heart’s content.

Other Destinations you may visit:
  • Baratang
  • Hut Bay
  • Long Island
  • Mayabunder

These places are great but if you have a small child in your family, it can get a bit uncomfortable because the trip can be at least 4-6 hours for specific destinations, or might require a trip with a boat that can be tricky with a kid.

Moreover, these are no public bathrooms available and you are not allowed to get down from the vehicle which can get uncomfortable really fast.

But, If you'd like you can add it to your tour, Eternal Andamans team will try its best to deliver a comfortable tour.

Planning a trip, if you have elders in your family:

Elders need to have a non-rushed, amazing vacation with great places and a bit of history,so you can plan a trip that doesn’t include tiring travels to offbeat destinations in North Andaman.

You’ll also have to choose places that don’t have to reached by trekking or long walks and select transportation that doesn’t involve extra walks and are comfortable during transfers.

The best places for elders to visit is the same as given above. Overall, it is best to keep the trip to south Andaman.

The best places to visit if you have elders in your family are, Havelock Island, Neil Island and Port Blair.

If they are interested in history, and would like to explore it, you can also add: Port Blair, Ross Island and Viper Island, which has some of the finest historical monuments and museums in the islands like the Cellular Jail and Light and Sound Show.

Museums at Port Blair:
  • Chatham Saw Mill
  • Samudrika Naval Marine Museum
  • Anthropological Museum
  • Fisheries Museum

Places which can be a bit tiring for elders:

  • Baratang
  • Rangat
  • Jolly Buoy
  • Red Skin Island
  • Mayabunder

These places are listed as tiring because they require offbeat trips to islands in the North Andaman, which requires 6 or more hours of travel in a cab, moreover, there are no places to stay near these destinations and there are no bathroom facilities during the journey.

For visiting Jolly Buoy, you will need special permissions and you will have to take a journey to Wandoor Beach from where you can board the boat. This is doable but the number of water sports here is less when compared to other destinations in the islands and the boat journey can be bumpy for elders.

The thing that makes it more complicated is that the journey takes you through the tribal reserve, where getting out of the vehicle is prohibited by the government.

If your kids, parents or grandparents love trips like these and the restrictions don’t bother them, it is worth visiting Baratang.

Best casual water sports for the whole family:

Enjoying water sports with your whole family is something that adds a lot of memorable moments to the vacation. Surrounded by water from all sides and boasting one of the most vibrant coral reefs with a wide variety of marine life, the Andaman Island offers one of the best places to enjoy it.

Family Enjoying water sports banana ride in Andaman
Water Sports - Banana Ride in Andaman

While there are a lot of water sports available in the islands, some of them has to be done individually and some of them can be done together with the whole family. We have listed all of them below:

Water sports that can be done together as a family:

All of these activities listed above can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to elders together, and makes for some of the best candid photos of the whole family having fun together. Making this an experience that you will remember for years to come.

The best thing about this is that, most of them, including Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat, Semi-Submarine, and Speed Boat rides, are perfectly safe for both kids and elders, and you can opt for those while on your tour.

Other famous water sports in Andaman:

Although, these waters have to be done individually, they too spice up your vacation, and add a bit of adventure to the trip.

If you are looking to add these activities to your tour package, you must add a trip to the Elephant beach in Havelock Island or a trip to the North Bay Island, as they are the best places to experience these and have all of these activities available.

Tips to get the most out of your Andaman family tour:

  • Book the flight tickets 2-3 months in advance to get the most discounts.
  • Keep a valid ID of all family members, including the kids.
  • In case the kid is too young to have an Aadhar card, you can also use the birth certificate.
  • ID card is required to board the ferries and cruises and can be demanded by authorities at any time during your vacation.
  • Accepted ID Cards in Andaman are, Aadhar Card, Voters ID, Pass Port.
  • PAN card is not accepted in the islands.
  • Keep a copy of your tour itinerary and hotel booking vouchers as a hard copy because the internet is slow in Andaman Islands and it might be a hassle to download it here.
  • Most of the hotels allow for an extra mattress if you have a child in your family.
  • Any kid above 5 Years is charged at full cost in hotels, cruises, and water sports in the islands, so plan the budget accordingly.
  • Avoid traveling to destinations with long walks, if you have elders with you.
  • Destinations with long walks include: Trekking to Elephant Beach instead of taking a boat, Limestone cave and Mud Volcano in Baratang, Trip to Mount Harriet.

Family vacation in Andaman from Different States:

From Bangalore: If you are planning to travel Andaman from Bangalore you will be glad to hear that IndiGo has started direct flights from Bangalore to Port Blair which takes you to the islands in under 2.5 Hours, so you don't have to stop in Chennai. There are other connecting flights to Port Blair which connect to Chennai before coming to Andaman, which can take 4-6 hours to reach here, so its better to book a direct one.

From Delhi: If you are thinking about booking a tour to Andaman from Delhi, you can find one direct flight everyday, which is usually from Air India which will reach in 3.5 hours. There are several more flight that connect from Chennai and Kolkata, but we recommend booking the direct one as it can take a minimum of 5 hours to reach here.

From Kolkata: People from Kolkata can easily reach Andaman by booking a direct flight as Kolkata has the second largest number of flights to Port Blair after Chennai. The flight takes around 2.5 hours to reach here. If you are planning a vacation via ship/cruise you can opt for it by booking a ticket and reaching the Kolkata Port, but it takes around 3 days to reach here, and the journey can be a bit overwhelming for your family, especially for kids and elders. We recommend taking a flight to Andaman.

Frequently Asked by Travelers:

How many days is enough for a family trip to Andaman?

Coming here on a 5 Nights and 6 Days trip is enough duration to visit the best destinations and more with your family. If you are tight on schedule, you should spend no less than 4 nights in Andaman on your trip to get the best experience and get a glimpse of this tropical paradise.

This is advised so because, any trip with less than 4 nights in Andaman, will let you visit 3 islands at most, and you will have to leave 1 or 2 destinations behind. Since you won’t be traveling to Andamans for a long time after the trip, it’s best to experience every recommended destination, so you don’t feel left out.

If you are however visiting for 3 days or less, no need to worry, experts from Eternal Andamans will plan a tour package that will cover more places in less days,based on your request, so your trip stays as you imagined it.

My kids are young, will I face problems while touring?

No, the are no specific problems that may arrive, bit make sure to tour the south Andaman, as trip to the north, can get a bit tiring for the kid.

You should also choose to add cruise transfers for inter-island travel instead of Govt. ferry because it is more comfortable, safer, less prone to cause sea-sickness and takes you there faster. As children are usually really prone to sea-sickness, the cruises are your best bet.

Moreover, you should always choose decent hotels that are quiet and cabs that have Air Conditioning, as the tropical heat and wind in Andaman combined with high humidity can be irritating to the kid.

For these reasons, we always provide cruise transfers and AC cars for all travels in Andaman, so you can be sure that your family will be taken good care of, all throughout the vacation.

My family is vegetarian, can I get veg food in Andaman?

Yes, sure. Our team will select hotels which have a pure vegetarian restaurant for every destination you are traveling. In case you like a hotel, which doesn’t have a pure veg restaurant, our team will get your food from selected restaurants which have maintained quality veg food over the years.

I'm planning a honeymoon tour to Andaman, where can I view them?

This page is for family packages and the itineraries are best suited for people who are visiting with their family and friends. You can go here to browse honeymoon packages to Andaman. Honeymoons are planned in a very different way and includes a leisure trip to the best islands in Andaman, with destinations and tours that allow for maximum privacy and safety so you can discover your other half.

Which Andaman Package is the Best for My Family?

All our recommended packages are listed on the table at the top of the website. Feel free to give them all a read to see which itinerary you'd prefer.

Andaman Tour Packages from Major Cities in India:

Explore tours to the islands from Major cities. Learn more about the ways you can reach Andaman and the best way to save more on the trip when you travel from your city.

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